27 May 2016

A CBD bar where good sport meets fast queues

When running a bustling bar in the middle of the CBD, you need an EFTPOS system that keeps your queues moving and gives you hassle-free reconciliation. That’s why Sydney icon Cheers Bar uses Tyro.

Venue manager/licensee Tim Dowman said key to the success of the ever-popular “home of sport” bar is putting their patrons’ needs front and centre.

“We are heading towards a cashless society so our customers expect the ease and convenience of Tap & Go,” he said. “So Tyro is a good fit. And because it’s working so well, we upgraded to five terminals, one for each til. When we needed something, Tyro was there to support. It’s been a good relationship.

“There’s a lot more back office these days, so you’ve got to be smarter and more efficient with how you do things. With Tyro, the big thing is the ease of reconciliation with its POS integration.

“In our industry you want to keep your time in the back office to a minimum. You want to be out front and giving your customers a good experience.”

See how fast, reliable EFTPOS is a good score for this icon:

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Where to go
Cheers Bar
561 George Street
Sydney NSW

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