We’re approaching mid-November and Australia’s Retail Halls are decked with bells and holly and enough fairy lights to guide Santa all the way from the North Pole.

It’s the busiest time of year for most retailers and like every year, everyone’s hoping that it’s going to be busier than ever.

The perfect time therefore to mention the average terminal transaction processing times on Tyro’s contactless terminals.

So, let’s assume that your customer has already rummaged through her beach bag, found her purse covered in sand, wrangled the kids and is ready with her card when you arrive with your mobile Tyro Yoximo terminal. She taps her card and 1.2 seconds later (1209.8ms to be precise) the transaction is completed! That’s quicker than one of her kids can throw their brand new beach ball into the face of a younger sibling!

Our other contactless terminal, the futuristic Yomani, isn’t far behind clocking in at an average 1.6 seconds per transaction.

That’s what we at Tyro like to call “queue-busting” speed and that, combined with our 100% EFTPOS uptime, is exactly what retailers need to help reduce the stress of the festive period.

If you’re quick, there’s still time to order early contactless Christmas presents to help your business deliver increased customer satisfaction in record time!