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Want to know how to prevent fraud? Visit our fraud page Every business needs to be aware of and prepared for fraud. From chargebacks to Funds Transfer Fraud, it’s important to refresh your knowledge. Here are eight ways to stay on the front foot.   1. Understand “Chargebacks” The chargeback framework provides a process for... Read more »

We discover the hottest food trends for 2018 set to make their way to Australian restaurants, cafes and bars.   Whole Foods and BBC provide their top picks amongst others from chefs around the world. We have curated for you our picks for the food trends set to take off in Australia in 2018.  ... Read more »

Most business owners don’t think about their EFTPOS machine as a key part of their service workflow. This is a mistake. Payments is a quickly evolving space, facing disruption from FinTech providers looking to create value and remove friction. This means that consumer expectations have continued to increase. Your customers now expect a fast and... Read more »

EFTPOS Machine Hire Cost

If you are wondering how much an EFTPOS machine costs, you should also take into consideration how much not taking electronic payments is costing your business. We’ve written extensively about the advantages and disadvantages of EFTPOS, and how you can reduce your merchant fees. But today, we’re more interested in helping you understand how EFTPOS... Read more »

Poké Me brings a modern twist to Japanese cuisine with their fun, healthy and nutritious poké bowls, sushi and infused detox water. Guess what else? They’re an entirely cashless venue. We had the privilege of interviewing one of their owners about what it takes to get a successful hospitality business off the ground. Q: What... Read more »

What are merchant fees

What are merchant fees? Several things fall under this umbrella: EFTPOS rental and maintenance fees Cross border transaction fees Switching fees Fraud related chargeback fees (The fees, not the actual cost of the chargebacks!) Fees incurred processing card transactions Do you know how much you pay in merchant fees? The share of payments made using... Read more »