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3 November 2022 - 7 min read

Business Strategies

Get your business ready for summer trading

As well as warm weather, summer brings the opportunity to boost your business’ bottom line. Whether you have a hospitality, retail, or service-oriented business, this article covers what you can do to make the most of the summer surge.


Shake up your menu

If you operate a restaurant or cafe, the biggest thing you can do for the summer season is adapt your menu. Switching out your current ingredients for seasonal ones is a great way to bring something fresh to the table and wow your new (and returning) customers. You can even develop a limited-edition item that customers can look forward to every summer, building loyalty within your community. 

Experimenting with your menu doesn’t need to be just for customers who eat in. You can also give your takeaway/delivery menu a summer edge by customising them for days spent outdoors. For example, you could create a picnic-friendly section that includes things like salads and sandwiches, or a happy hour section that includes small bites like dried fruit, hard cheeses, and fresh bread. Building a menu with an eye toward items that travel well on hotter days will certainly go a long way.

Spruce up your online presence

Your digital presence can really boost a customer’s decision to dine with you, so make sure it’s up to scratch for the summertime. With locals and tourists alike looking for a summery bite, make sure to scan your profiles across Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor, double-check that your location and hours are correct, and that all embedded links lead to the right places. 

When it comes to your own communication channels, make sure your website is updated with your new menus. Take the time to add pictures and descriptions to give people a taste of what they might experience when they dine with you, to really draw them in. Telling your story or sharing your inspiration behind dishes can also help you connect with your customers. 

Don’t forget the socials! Let your audience know what you’ve got going on and play into the summer theme with fun posts to get people excited about the season and your new menu (a picture here can go a long way to stirring up some excitement). You could even run a competition where the audience has to tag a friend or comment the menu item they’re most excited to try, to win a voucher or dine in experience. It’s all about creating good vibes for the summertime! 



Decorations don’t just have to be for the holidays. Get into the summer spirit by decking out your store with banners, signs, and decals that scream ‘hello, sunshine!’ as well as creating vibrant window displays that will stop people in their tracks. This summer touch will not only draw customers into your store, but it will lift the atmosphere for your team and create good vibes all around. 

Create summer product displays

On a similar note, make sure to display all your perfect-for-summer items, be it books, clothing, linen, or snacks in eye-catching ways, to help people find them quickly and easily, and create a steady flow of sales. Talk about a win-win!

Offer some sweet deals

Who doesn’t love a cheeky special? If you can afford it, run a summer sale to treat your customers or offer a free gift with purchase that will be perfect for their summer activities, such as a hat, sunnies, fruity drink, or colourful tableware. Don’t just market these deals in store though, head online to your website, social media, and newsletters to share the news so no one misses out.


Run an event 

Summer is the perfect time for parties, so why not host an event to bring your customers together and experience your services as a collective. Whether it’s a paint and sip, pamper session, or a row down the river, you can have fun with your customers and make lasting memories together. You can even go one step further and send guests home with a swag bag, so they don’t forget their special day.

Add something extra to the experience

Your customers deserve some special treats that will help turn their summer from good to great. For example, an early morning cruise could throw in a free coffee, a lawn mowing business could offer a summer discount, and a yoga studio could offer a free class. You could also offer discounts for clients who refer someone to your business. These little treats can make a big difference to your business, helping you reap some great rewards.

Streamline your business operations

No matter what industry your business is in, we can help you keep up make the most out of the summer season with the following features and products:

Seamless integration

Integrate your Tyro EFTPOS machine with one of our 330+ POS/PMS partners to speed up the payment process and can keep up with the influx of summer customers. By keeping things seamless and efficient, you’ll keep customers happy and save your staff time.

Stay on top of your business with the Tyro App

The Tyro App has a range of features to help you stay on top of business this summer:

  • Track your sales over busy periods and plan ahead to cover the additional foot traffic 
  • Keep on top of costs through the cost analysis tool and get insights quickly  
  • Self-serve your order for more paper rolls to keep sales ticking 
  • Get quick access to your daily unsettled EFTPOS takings, even across multiple businesses

Portable EFTPOS

Meet customers where they are with a portable EFPTOS solution. At Tyro, we offer two portable EFTPOS solutions to help create a frictionless payments experience for your customers.


The Tyro Mobile EFTPOS machine is a fully-featured EFTPOS solution designed for businesses who need a lightweight and portable payments solution. With features like built-in Pay@Table, SplitBilling, and Tipping1, you’ll make sure you’ll keep customer’s satisfied and cover any payment method that comes your way. You can also rent additional machines to cover you for the busier months. 

Tyro Go EFTPOS reader

Designed with those with simple EFTPOS needs, the Tyro Go EFTOS reader is another great option if you take your business on the go, to places like the markets, so you don’t miss a sale.  The Tyro Go will be made available for general availability very soon. 

If you’re a Tyro customer, you can order your new Tyro Go EFTPOS reader via the Tyro Portal.

Summer funding

Need some extra cash to fund your summer business goals? Our unsecured business loan, which lets you borrow amounts up to $350,0002, could help you cover additional stock or hire new equipment. Download the Tyro App to see how much you are eligible for today.

1 Tyro’s Pay@Table, SplitBills and BarTab features are only available where the POS/PMS supports the integration. SplitBills is only available with Tyro’s Pay@Table feature. 

2 Tyro loans are subject to Tyro’s eligibility and credit criteria. A personal guarantee is required and loan repayments are subject to minimum repayment amounts. Tyro loans are only available on the Tyro EFTPOS Banking Terms and Conditions.