If Tyro had a visiting auntie who hadn’t seen us for a year or two, she’d be looking us up and down and declaring, “Ohhh… haven’t you grown!”

Like most well-nourished eleven year olds, we’ve been growing steadily but have begun to exhibit all the signs of a growth spurt. We’ve gone from 68 staff in 2012, 93 in 2013 and suddenly, up to 165 and still counting in 2014.

Our growth has been so rapid that we have been bursting at the seams of our York Street abode for some months now. Tyros have become accustomed to sharing desks with their new colleagues but as much as the close proximity means we get to know each other quickly (a little too quickly to be honest) it couldn’t continue.

So, in a few days we’ll be moving to a new, much bigger home just a short walk down the road at 155, Clarence Street – Sydney CBD. Everyone is extremely excited and looking forward to getting a desk to themselves!

It’s the next stage in our development and we’ve chosen a building that will provide us with some “growing room”. Hopefully, we won’t have to ask Fiona to organise another move until we see our auntie again in another couple of years!