19 April 2016

How savvy salons stay a cut above with Pay@Chair

The hair and beauty industry is driven by constant change and creative disruption. New technology advances such as Pay@Chair are being taken up by savvy salons who want to stay at the cutting edge.

Remember the ‘80s? Madonna stunned the world with wild blonde curls tamed by a ribbon, neon leggings and arms covered in a billion rubber bracelets.

Making an appointment at your local hairdresser was done by showing up in person to see where you could fit in, or by a landline call.

Mobile phones were as heavy as car batteries and on-the-go music was only available by transistor radio or Walkman. For millennials, these were clunky mobile tape players with about three hour’s battery life.

Hairdressers would spend hours pouring over the “appointment book” — usually a messy and dog eared spiral folder covered with coffee stains — to figure out how to organise the day.

To record, or worse, change appointments, staff had to use a pencil, eraser and a handful of highlighters to allocate a hairdresser to the customer.

Every night the owner would have to match the day’s takings with the recorded payments before heading to the bank’s deposit box.

And the average customer loyalty program consisted of a cup of Blend 43 and an out-of-date Cleo magazine — ah yes, the ‘80s!

Fast forward to the twenty-tens: The appointment book is gone, Madonna is still around but hair and beauty appointments by text message are now the standard.

Sending reminders, promoting special offers by SMS, or recording the preferred beverage of your regulars (large skinny soy latte, no sugar with extra chocy on top) in your POS is a simple and intuitive process.

But that’s not all. Now a new way to pay is revolutionising hair and beauty salons – Pay@Chair.

Payments get a makeover

Once payments could only be done at the till in the reception area. That means customers wanting to pay had to wait next to people who had just arrived for an appointment. It created a cluttered and often noisy atmosphere while giving a negative impression to potential walk-ins, who don’t like queues.

But now, instead of asking the customer to pay at the front desk, Tyro’s mobile EFTPOS terminals are adding more service and convenience to the payment experience – right from the chair.

Introducing Pay@Chair EFTPOS

Pay@Chair is the latest must-have for the savvy salon owner.

As Hairware Kristie Wagstaff explained, “clients can pay for their treatments comfortably from the salon chair, giving clients the option to leave the salon as soon as their services have been finished and by-passing the reception area all together”.

“Busy mothers, walk-in clients and time poor professionals can quickly pop in during their lunch breaks and not be held up by desk congestion. This allow us to promote to clients for lunch time specials and ensuring good customer service,” she said.

Thanks to smart wireless integration, as soon as the payment is confirmed it is automatically receipted off in the salon’s point of sale, reducing bill processing time for staff. Pay@Chair lets the salon team focus on the things that really matter — outstanding service and the latest looks.

A hit with the staff is the feature that asks customers via the terminal screen whether to leave a tip. Why not let your customers reward your team directly?

Hairware partners with Tyro

Hairware is the latest point-of-sale solution to work with Tyro to make Pay@Chair available for their salon clients.

And with less time spend on admin work, there is more time to discuss the latest trends from London, Paris and Milan with your customers.

Learn more about Tyro and Hairware HERE.

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