21 June 2016

Medicare indexation freeze: How is your practice handling it?

With Medicare a hot election issue, we asked health professionals how they were dealing with the indexation freeze and more in our extensive survey. Here are the results.

There’s no confusion as to what the Australian Medical Association’s position is on the Medicare indexation freeze. They want the Federal Government to reverse it immediately.

“The freeze on MBS indexation will create a two-tier health system, where those who can afford to pay for their medical treatment receive the best care and those who cannot are forced to delay their treatment or avoid it altogether, further exacerbating their condition, or worse,” the AMA is extolling to its members.

[The Federal Government will continue the freeze til 2020. The ALP said it will stop the freeze in January 2017 if elected].

So is it hurting your bottom line? Are you preparing for its effects? Now that the freeze is approaching its two-year anniversary, Tyro asked 300 medical practitioners across the country how they were dealing with the change.

We also asked what other challenges the sector is facing today such as cashflow, staffing, and how to get your bulk billing mix right. Find out what your industry said.

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