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14 October 2014 - 3 min read

Product Features

Our patients love the Tyro Easyclaim system

Kadina Medical Associates oversees three mixed billing medical practices with 9 full-time doctors, 6 nurses and 11 receptionists working on a rotational basis. Kadina Medical offers their patients comprehensive care through a range of services with their highly qualified specialists and registered general practitioners.

In July of this year, Kadina Medical started using Tyro EFTPOS, integrated with their Zedmed billing software. This enabled them to offer patients instant Medicare rebates through the Medicare Easyclaim feature on the machine.

I spoke to Neil Sawley, Kadina’s CEO and Kylie May, their Financial Officer, to understand how Tyro’s solution has benefited the practice.

What’s the main reason why you went along with Tyro?

With our two mixed billing practices, the ability to offer our privately billed patients an immediate rebate through the Medicare Easyclaim solution was fantastic. It’s great to be able to offer our patients some form of aftercare following their consultation, and Easyclaim ensures they’re not out-of-pocket waiting for their rebate.

What’s the main difference between Tyro and your previous EFTPOS provider?

From a financial and banking perspective we have noticed that invoicing, reconciling and balancing has become so much easier after having Tyro. Through the integration with our Zedmed software, the process of having to key in any amount into the machine has been totally removed, so now there are less and less errors occurring. Everything is much more accurate through automation and the streamlined payment between Zedmed and Tyro.

How has the change to Tyro affected the staff? Did it take long to train them?

We had a smooth and seamless transition of our practices onto Tyro. Like any business, especially a medical practice, change is always difficult for some. Once the Tyro system was installed and set up, our staff saw how easy Tyro was to use and at a click of a button, payments were sent directly to the machine. Furthermore, Medicare rebates were given to patients before they even walked out the door.

So far, what do you believe the best benefit to the practice has been?

Through being able to promote our Easyclaim system to our patients, we have seen a reduction in gap payments. It’s great that our patients can receive their rebate instantly and for us, we are now also less likely to be out of pocket. Reconciliation is much easier and there is no need to wait for a patient to come back with their cheque or wait 90 days for Medicare to pay out the cheques to our accounts.

How have your patients reacted to Integrated Easyclaim?

Our patients love the Easyclaim system! Kadina Medical is rurally based and for some of our patients they would have had to travel 2-3 hours just to get to a Medicare office. The ability to offer our patients immediate Medicare rebates is absolutely great.

Has Tyro’s solution lived up to your expectations?

For the staff, the Tyro and Zedmed solution has been simple to set up and easy to use. Payments are much quicker through the smooth integration of Zedmed and the Tyro machine.

What’s next for Kadina Medical Associates?

We are interested in the Bulk Billing feature that Zedmed and Tyro can offer. It would be great to send our Bulk-Bill claims to Medicare in real time with no need to print out DB vouchers and batch them daily. Not only will this save on paper costs but also on time for our staff!

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