In today’s war for talent, it is a no-brainer that pay equity makes business sense. But far more importantly, pay inequity corrupts the organisation. Business is a human enterprise. Before all, we are human beings rooted in our culture and community and united in the pursuit of a common endeavour. Pay inequity is just plainly unethical.

Unequal pay and more general an unfair corporate culture is not only a business or a compliance problem. It is not only a money, promotion and reward problem, it is foremost a corporate reality that corrupts us. It is the moral compass failing us. Unequal pay is the easy stuff. Easy to fix. For God’s sake, pay the same salary for the same work! Analyze the remuneration data once a year and correct the injustices!

Where it becomes more subtle are the unconscious and poisonous gender biases. The little innocent organisational oversights and corporate behaviours that discriminate and continuously widen the gender gap. They need to be proactively combatted. It is essential to prevent or immediately stop the sliding into a decaying corporate culture.

  • Yes, we profess to hire on the basis of merit, but are we sure? Are we making sure that candidates meet diverse members of the team? Are we trained to look for the talent and potential without co-opting ourselves?
  • Yes, we recognise that women are more often than not primary care giver. Are we sure that meetings and get-togethers are scheduled during the core work time? It is painful, I know. But starting a meeting before 8:30am or after 4pm would be disregarding this reality.
  • Yes, we know that there is always more to do than we can attend to, but are we encouraging people to speak up? Do we take the time for the conversation, give room for emotion and recognise that communication needs vary and need the time to be attended to?

Here at Tyro, we aspire to promote diversity and to live gender equality. Some tools in our continuous learning and improvement approach are:

  • We regularly mandate the St James Ethics Center to measure our staff’s assessment as to how well we walk the talk. Some key cultural values measured are: Openness and Transparency, Flexible, Caring and Balanced Working Conditions, Fairness and Respect.
  • Once a year, we specifically review pay equity as well as create and submit the annual Workplace Gender Equality Report.
  • We use more informal approaches with a Women@Tyro circle and volunteer champions we call Trusted Alternatives offering additional communication channels to speak up.

At Tyro we benefit from the fascinating diversity of 157 colleagues from 37 countries and 5 continents, working together in one open office space. We are united by the very strong ethos of providing innovative, fair and transparent banking solutions to the small and medium business community. Our aspiration, the diversity and the openness help us fight the biases that we all bring along.

It is encouraging to hear one of my female colleagues working on the left of me say: “I love being a woman at Tyro. It’s an environment where I can speak up and am free to express my emotions. I am respected and valued for who I am, and Tyros truly care about work-life balance.”