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18 January 2017 - 4 min read

Case Studies

Pryde – Not Just a Piece of Meat

For the love of a good steak, Manuel Dinoris, prides himself on bringing the highest quality produce to his customers.

A butcher for 20 years, Manuel ventured out on his own 8 years ago with the opening of his first Pryde Meats site at Top Ryde. Today, Pryde Meats boasts six shops across Sydney, but it wasn’t always easy. As founder and co-owner of Pryde Meats, along with George Kotsiou, Manuel had to deal with the many issues that confront small businesses, while at all times striving to provide his customers with personalised service.

I asked Manual why he decided to leave a stable job to take on all the pitfalls of owning a business. With a gleam in his eye, the answer was simple, “I want my customers to feel good in my shop”. When I visited his shop in Miranda, I knew exactly what he meant – customers, old and new, are greeted with a friendly smile, a joke and laugh, and with top quality meat. A winning formula in customer service.

I wanted to know how Pryde Meats has been able to succeed against the brutal competition from the big supermarkets. In true Manuel fashion “it was a hard slog”. Making it through the first two years in Top Ryde was difficult. It was a new centre and Pryde Meats had to build a customer base from nothing. With a great personal touch, excellent produce and patience, Manuel cut through those early years and opened up a second shop in Campbelltown of the back of Pryde’s success in Top Ryde.

The demands of two shops meant Manual had to step away from being a butcher to take on the administration of the business. Not happy being away from customers, Manual recruited highly skilled, professional butchers and reengineered work processes and practices to create a synergy between staff and systems which enabled Manual to maintain the customer-focused ethos that originally made for his success. A significant part of the change was the implementation of a Point of Sale and Tyro integrated EFTPOS. Pryde Meats went fully mobile and the POS allowed management to keep up with sales and customer analytics allowing them to align ordering with customer demand and eliminating banking issues at the front counter.

Integrating the POS with Tyro EFTPOS provided many benefits. Before Tyro, Manual had to deal with a raft of problems including entering wrong amounts, loss of revenue, fraud issues and drop outs, often at the business times in the day causing walk outs and further loss of sales. Tyro eliminated these problems and realigned the front counter process. Tyro helped speed up transactions, increased accuracy, helped efficiencies with end of night cash up and back office reporting. Manual told me there has been “no discrepancies in four years”. Most importantly, the butchers had more time to laugh and chat with customers.

So what happened after the implementation of these new processes? In the last four years, Pryde Meats has opened up four more stores and has experienced 75% growth. They have maintained customer focus while providing an offering that’s un-paralleled by the big supermarkets. Manual and the store managers have more time on their hands and he says it’s music to his ears when you hear “it just works”.

Manuel risked it for the brisket and by having his eye fillet on his customers and what they wanted, dotting his “I’s” and crossing his T-bones, Pryde Meats has experienced searing growth. Manuel hopes to grow further and who knows the next snags you’re popping onto the BBQ, might be the Pryde of your party.