30 March 2016

Seven free DIY hacks to get more customers

Want more customers? Try these seven simple hacks and they are all free (or cheap), courtesy of expert Sydney growth hacker Joshua Khoddami.

1. “Google-lise” your business

Google is where Aussies search with a market share of more than 90 percent, so get the basics right by going to Google My Business and filling in your profile (tasty images, legitimate reviews, compelling description). Read more.

2. Get your website mobile friendly

Last year, mobile outstripped desktop as the preferred device for search for businesses, so is your website ready? Most aren’t. Not sure? Try this simple test. Read more.

3. Share, don’t sell, on social media

Keep the sales speak to a minimum on channels such as Facebook. Photos and non-product related stories should win out. And remember, this is where any complaints will come, so monitor it constantly. And don’t delete the negative ones, respond to them. Read more.

4. Grab your business name in Google AdWords

Bid for your business name as a keyword so that it appears at the top of Google when people look for you. How about bidding on your competitor’s name? It’s legal. Read more.

5. Increase traffic with Facebook ads and Google AdWords

Paid traffic is very scalable so trial these, but just get your head around the difference between the two before you do. Read more.

6. Think discounts, not freebies

Don’t think of it as a freebie, just a way to start a conversation with your customers or encourage their loyalty. It could be you want to get people to sign up for your newsletter, blog, or mailing list. Read more.

7. Partner with a bigger fish

The main goal is piggybacking other’s reach. If you are an accountant, you may want to buddy up with a legal firm for referrals. If you are running a restaurant, a partnership could amount to joining one of the main delivery sites. But choose someone who shares the same values. Read more.

8. (Bonus tip) Be the industry expert

How about writing a blog on your website or a podcast, submitting an article to the industry magazine, or speaking at a trade show or association event? Share your knowledge and they will come. Read more.

Happy hacking.

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