Tyro proved a big hit at this year’s Bp Summit, Best Practice Software’s annual get-together for GPs and specialists.

Known for its surf, sun and themeparks, the Gold Coast hosted the September summit. Ankita and I had one of the best booths right next to the entrance, where we were first in line to greet conference delegates.

As they poured into the venue, we were greeted by “We love Tyro!” and “Tyro is the best! I don’t know why you would use anything else.” It was a very humbling experience and proud moment to be a Tyro.


Earlier in the year we had run a campaign offering two Bp users the opportunity to head to the summit on Tyro. Our prize winners, James Sunwoo and Hye Yun Na from Ashfield Family Practice, joined 200 other Bp subscribers for a weekend of learning and upskilling by day, entertainment, wining and dining.

“Tyro has been very easy to use for both staff and patients. It integrates effortlessly with Bp and the machine looks great. We are very happy with our choice to go with Tyro!” James said.

We can’t wait to head back next year, hopefully we’ll be able to bring another lucky practice team with us again.