30 November 2015

Switch your EFTPOS to Tyro, if you rely on it

With the sorry run of failure from the online banking and payment systems continuing this week, it’s time to look for an alternative you can rely on in Tyro.

On Monday another major bank suffered an internet banking outage adding to a long list of failures:

  • ANZ Bank suffers internet banking outage following refresh (SMH 30/11/15)
  • Westpac-owned St George Bank, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA suffer internet banking outage (SMH 5/10/15)
  • Commbank outage affecting net, mobile, phone banking ATM and eftpos services (SMH 11/9/15)
  • CommBank suffers major EFTPOS and Netbank outage (SMH 12/6/15)
  • NAB’s online payment system has been down for days (Business Insider 3/6/15)
  • Westpac EFTPOS outage triggered by air-conditioning (SBS 22/2/15)
  • Bankwest EFTPOS networks went offline (9News 2/2/2015)

The RBA’s Payment Systems Board Annual Report in 2010-11 found Westpac, National Australia Bank and Commonwealth Bank suffered a “number of difficulties” delivering consistent and reliable EFTPOS services to their customers.

Several years ago, Tyro invested in dual data centres and networks as well as quadruple switches, all running “live-live”. In the case of a maintenance interval or a component failure, the Tyro terminal fleet just fails over automatically to the next available switch in the next available data centre.

The result is that a Tyro customer does not even notice an interruption. Tyro’s near-100 percent reliable core acquiring platform delivers non-stop acquiring without degrading response times in peak Christmas trading hours.

Merchants, who do not want their EFTPOS solution to stop or slow down their trading, should switch to Tyro just in time for the busy Christmas season.

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