16 March 2016

Sydney chemist makes switch for fast transactions

Pharmacy super store Chemistworks, at Sydney’s Broadway Shopping Centre, is buzzing every day and you can see why with its enthusiastic staff, expert care, and wide range of services that go beyond the stock-standard prescription medications.

It’s an early weekday morning and already customers are streaming through the doors. At the entrance counter, you can see the scan-pack-pay process in full flight. Items are being scanned, packed, and paid for through the busy terminal. The queues are certainly moving.

It’s a seamless process that’s made all the more streamlined by the use of Tyro’s countertop  terminal which take payments in less than two seconds.

We spoke to Store Manager and pharmacist Claudia Sharkawy who said the store’s popularity is due, in part, to the fact that they offer a huge range of extra services such as weight-loss programs, blood sugar testing, sleep apnoea testing, and general health checks. She said to take advantage of that popularity, they need to run an efficient operation.

Claudia explains how integrating with Tyro has made for a happier, more efficient staff

What do you think of Tyro’s EFTPOS solution?

It’s fast, simple, and eliminates discrepancies between the POS and EFTPOS. The staff find the terminals easy to use and the Tap & Go feature makes the entire payment process really fast.

Why did you switch on integration with your POS?

Our Wetherill Park store used Tyro EFTPOS before us and they have been very happy. Because the store operates 24/7, we had a lot of issues with balancing the till and reconciling our payments.

With Tyro EFTPOS, this is done automatically so staff no longer need to worry about it. We’d be taking payments at all hours as well, which is a recipe for keying errors. With integration we never had to worry about staff making mistakes.

What do you think about the reconciliation process and Tyro’s online merchant portal?

I use the merchant portal every day which is great for reconciliation. If customers call with a payment query, we can log in and view the transaction straight away. Reconciliation only takes five minutes each day, so it’s not long at all.

Have you had any issues with your Tyro EFTPOS terminal?

We have experienced unrelated internet outages where both our POS and EFTPOS terminal were unable to be used. We simply called Customer Support and they helped us to process the payments as manual and MOTO payments so we didn’t lose any business that day.

What do your staff think about Tyro EFTPOS?

They love how fast Tyro EFTPOS is, especially during lunch time which is our peak time during the day.

What’s next for Chemistworks?

We already have a lot going on with our busy store and the additional services we offer, so we’d like to continue providing the best service for our customers. We are however looking forward to the rollout of Union Pay [card acceptance] as we see a lot of these card types coming through our store.

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