22 June 2017

Tyro App – Technology’s Answer to Business Banking

Business banking has always been a pain in your you-know-where. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to transform the small and medium businesses’ financial workflow. You can now manage your financial affairs, anywhere, anytime – with your Tyro App.

Your Tyro App lets access all of Tyro’s integrated solutions in one place. View your EFTPOS takings, pay your bills, organise payroll and even get a business loan in the one app.

Forget fuddy-duddy banking processes. Your business deserves better. Welcome to the future of work.

Tyro App Clinches Gold at 2017 Tech Design Awards

Tyro App won gold awards in both the FinTech and Future of Work categories at the 2017 Tech Awards. Previous winners have been the likes of Acorns, PayPal, Commonwealth Bank, Xero, Stripe, Capital One – and the list goes on.

Winning awards is always great, but that’s not what we’re in it for. We’re here to solve the very real business banking issues that small and medium businesses face daily.

From Humble EFTPOS Provider, To Business Banking Platform

Tyro’s original EFTPOS business was built to help merchants save time, eliminate human error and simplify operations. We did this by integrating with software partners, allowing for a connected, and thereby more efficient ecosystem.

As the first and only technology company to be granted an unrestricted banking licence, Tyro is uniquely positioned to change the way businesses bank. Why? Because we’re unwaveringly user focused.

We work in close collaboration with our merchant base to understand their needs, and are consistently refining our products to ensure that we are delivering value.

The Integrated Ecosystem – And Why It Matters

Are you still downloading and uploading payment files on a computer? There’s a better way. Automating your finances means more time to focus on your business. Our integrations with major accounting platforms like Xero mean you can process bill payments and payroll automatically through your Tyro App.

We also partner with over 200 Point of Sale providers, more than any bank in Australia. If you’re running a third-party card terminal to handle credit and debit transactions, you’re increasing your workload and the potential for human error. “Tyro integrates seamlessly with our POS. The solution saves the business time and money while providing a friendly experience to our customers,” says Mike Lazaris owner of the Throwback Store.

Tyro’s partnerships with Point of Sale providers means less double handling and easier bookkeeping. See how you can run an integrated business with Tyro.

Mobile First for a Mobile World

With your Tyro App, invoice submission and acceptance is completely mobile. This means you no longer have to deal with the hassle of internet banking. On top of that, you get to view your business takings in real time, all from that smart computing device you carry around in your pocket.

It doesn’t stop there. Tyro App will ping you with a notification to let you know when your account is running low on funds so you can reschedule bill payments. Not sure when the next influx of cash is coming in? You can gain access to business loans with Tyro Business Loans, through your Tyro App.

Mobile Business Loans With Tyro Business Loans

Imagine – you’ve completely depleted your reserves and maxed out your credit cards to handle a holiday rush, or to move quickly on a big deal. This isn’t out of character for many small businesses.

Cash flow is one of the biggest stressors for small and medium businesses. How are we solving it? With Tyro Business Loans. Unlock unsecured funding based on your transaction history with Tyro EFTPOS through our app. Tyro Business Loans are structured so that you can pay your loan back using a percentage of your daily takings. This means that fluctuations in your daily cash flow are taken into account.

Forget long, slow and cumbersome processes that rely on you using your home as security. Tyro Business Loans adjust to meet your needs and provides a transparent experience with funds deposited into your account in less than a minute once you provide a personal guarantee and accept Tyro’s offer in the App.

For many businesses, this can make a world of difference. You can now weather a tough month, or invest back into your business with ease. Whether you’re a clinic looking to upgrade your equipment, a restaurant thinking about an interior design refresh, or a retail outlet that needs to increase your inventory – Tyro Business Loans are your answer.

Tyro App – Award Winning Design and Engineering

Thinking about streamlining your financial workflow? Learn more about how Tyro can help transform the way you approach business finance.

Tyro Payments Limited ACN 103 575 042 AFSL 471951 is the issuer of its own financial products. As Tyro does not take into account your personal circumstances, please consider if these products are suitable for you. You can contact Tyro on 02 8907 1700 or tyro.com and access Tyro’s dispute resolution process at tyro.com/contact/feedback. Tyro Business Loans are subject to Tyro’s eligibility and credit criteria. A personal guarantee is required and loan repayments are subject to minimum repayment amounts.