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29 November 2016 - 2 min read


Tyro CS gives job seekers a start in Banking/IT industry

Almost 10 years ago when I joined Tyro, the support team consisted of one person (me) with a phone. It was a tough time supporting our small Customer base 24×7 all by myself, but over time as the business grew so did the support team. Fast forward to present day and we have a young engaged team committed to making a difference.

Recently Tafe NSW visited our office and offered us the opportunity to work with them to offer work experience for their students wanting to enter the banking/IT industry.

The Tyro Support culture is based on everyone in the team getting involved in change and continual improvement. We value resourcefulness, enthusiasm, excellence , individuality and integrity , and caring for our Customers, ourselves, our colleagues, the environment and the community. The support team is a diverse group with each team member contributing in their own unique way.

We recruit the most suitable person and are not constrained by previous employment history (although we still greatly value experience) and have a unique recruitment process where all team members vote on who they think is the best fit for the job. I have found that this team engagement in the recruitment process has created a strong work bond within the team. We are always happy when team members move on to other positions in Tyro and even when they leave Tyro for other opportunities as we hope that they may come back one day. (Which has been the case recently).

We not only use the usual recruitment agencies, as well as referrals from our own team members to source the best people, but we also pair with Work Ventures Australia to help give enthusiastic job seekers a start in the Banking/IT industry. We hope that our partnership with Tafe NSW will be a great opportunity for both organisations.

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