30 May 2018

Useful tech to reach and retain customers

Customer behaviours are continually changing with the rise of smart phones, wearables and alternative payments. The pace of technological change – while embraced by consumers – has been a great challenge for SMEs. So to stay connected with your customers, it’s worth reviewing your digital presence regularly – to ensure your best customers stay connected, and new customers find you.

Using the right technology and placing your marketing message in the right places, can bring more customers through your doors, and increase repeat business. This is where geo-targeting, easy payment options, online bookings as well as loyalty apps are the secrets in growing your business.

Geo-location targeting

Location-based marketing, or geo-targeting, is one of the best ways to convert foot and online traffic into new customers. People who may never have heard of you or considered your service, can be persuaded to try your business for the first time if it’s close to where they are.

Geo-fencing allows you to trigger the right message at the right time and place. You may have already implemented a form of geo-targeting and geo-fencing by focusing Facebook ads or Google Adwords campaigns with specific messages to geographical areas within a few kilometres of your business address.

To attract new customers, consider running a ‘newbie’ special as part of your marketing strategy. Once you have attracted new customers, it is your job to turn them into repeat customers and advances in technology could help you do this.

If done properly geo-targeting could be a cost effective way to attract more customers from your location. Plus it could make your cost-per-lead more cost effective.

Loyalty Apps

Generally it costs more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. Creating loyal customers should thererfore be an important part of your marketing effort.

Offering a loyalty programme is one way to gain repeat business but even the traditional physical loyalty cards are being replaced with mobile app options. Using an automated rewards app to offer discounts, coupons, cash back, gift cards, points or personalised gifts, will have customers returning again and again.

Tech and Tyro

Tyro continually innovates to bring merchants amazing features. We partner with over 260+ POS providers to bring you the best integrated solution for your business needs.

The Yoximo terminal has wifi connectivity and is super portable. Plus, we have a range of different terminal features that can help make your customers payment experience seamless.

For Hospitality

  • Pay@table
  • Percentage based tipping
  • Bar tab

For Health

  • Medicare EasyClaim
  • Tyro’s HealthPoint

Tyro App

The Tyro App gives you insights and trends to your business right from your smart phone.

Make your life easier – view EFTPOS takings in real time, pay bills and organise payroll, make transactions from your Tyro Bank Account and for eligible merchants, accept a business loan offer*.

To find out more, visit Tyro.com or call our 24/7 Australian based Customer Support team on 1300 966 639