Tyro is offering up to ten $25,000 grants to Australian businesses with the most innovative ideas [and who join Tyro and start using Tyro EFTPOS Banking]. We asked industry expert Matt Paff what he would do with such a grant.

Matt, who runs consulting business Value Adders whose clients have included Merivale, the Solotel Group, C-Inc, Hurricanes and The Rockpool Group, said advancing your technology and enhancing your customer service was key.

Overhaul your tech stack

“Every industry is being affected by technology disruption and those willing to be responsive to and invest in change, will survive and thrive,” he said. “Modern, integrated technology offers hospitality companies agility and competitive advantage through four key areas:

  • Efficiency in operations.
  • Leveraging Information.
  • Empowering and engaging staff.
  • Engaging customers in and out of venue and building brand.

“With the Tyro Smart Growth Grant, I would recommend investing in your technology across these areas before your competitors do. A great place to start would be seeking advice from a technology expert for your industry.”

Enhance the Customer eXperience (CX)

“Business is not about the products or services you offer, it is about your customer’s experience in dealing with you and how they feel after doing business with you. Almost anything you can do to enhance the customer experience will be a great investment.

“In hospitality this can mean a coat of paint, replacing those crooked tables, add some artwork to the wall, better lighting, extra staff, or upgrade the sound system.”

What would you do with a Tyro Smart Growth Grant?

Up to 10 businesses will each be granted a $25,000 Tyro Smart Growth Grant. To be eligible, you’ll need to sign up for Tyro EFTPOS Banking, start paying bills using the Tyro Smart Account, and submit three innovative growth ideas.

With the Tyro Smart Account, which is available via the Tyro App, you can approve bill payments out of Xero with a tap on your smartphone, and have your banking and Xero accounting seamlessly reconciled. It not only allows you to manage batch payments with ease but the integration means you don’t need to log into online banking or download ABA files.

For more information, check out the Tyro Smart Growth Grant 2016 here. Applications close November 15, 2016.

Through Value Adders, Matt [@mattpaff @valueadders] specialises in servicing multi-venue restaurant and/or pub groups, pulling together the full tech stack for operational excellence.