You Came, You Stole, You Conquered

A huge shout out to all businesses that played a part in making Tyro’s first ever Steal Our Staff event a roaring success.


On the 29th of June, we invited you to Steal Our Staff for a day, and steal our staff you did. We went out to a range of businesses, helping them with everything from marketing and customer service to housekeeping and administration.

Here are the types of businesses that Stole Our Staff:

  • Florists
  • Cycling Shops
  • Cafes
  • Dentists
  • Hotels
  • Chemists
  • Wine Merchants
  • Music Stores

Our team had lots of fun rolling up our sleeves and diving into hospitality, retail and healthcare businesses – industries we both know and love.

James Revell from corporate was “excited about rediscovering [his] latte art, but more so, understanding the ins and outs of a small business in the modern day”. He believed this event to be a huge opportunity to gain an understanding of how “SME service providers can make a difference”.

This event meant that we learned tonnes about how you serve your customers, and also about how we can better serve you.

Highlights From the Day


The Capsule Hotel, much like most other small and medium businesses in the service game, needs to operate like a well-oiled machine. Two of their housekeeping staff calling in sick could have thrown a serious spanner into the works, but Tyro came to the rescue! Callum and Anthony jumped in to help clean toilets, dust, and strip beds, absolutely delighting the owners of The Capsule Hotel.


“The work of a small business is never done,” says owner of Vanilla Cycles. They stole our staff to perform a stocktake and managed to get some much-needed weight off their endless to-do list.

While the doctor’s away, the mice will play. Well not really. Nella from the Ashfield Family Medical Practice used the doctor’s holiday leave as an opportunity to organise a spring clean with some Tyros. An exciting surprise awaits him when he’s back.

Tyro’s Steal Our Staff Event (A Quick Recap)

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, Tyro’s Steal Our Staff initiative meant that small and medium businesses could borrow skills from our team for the day. We lent out our marketing wizards, customer service gurus, administrative stars and more – so that businesses across Sydney could harness skills they otherwise didn’t have access to. Or just borrow a warm body to hand out flyers.


How did this work? Businesses were invited to apply to steal our staff by letting us know what they needed help with and how many people they needed to get the job done. We then matched these requests to the right man, woman or team for the job.

No Job Too Big, Or Small


We filed paperwork, served drinks, helped with social media strategy, swept floors, set up projectors – the list was endless. And we walked away with a reinforced appreciation for how hard you work each and every day.

From hospitality to healthcare, we got to experience a day in your lives and come back fresh with ideas on how to make that day easier. Following his day immersed in small businesses, James Revell came back with his eyes opened, not just to how much fun cocktail photography could be, but to the endless variety of work SMEs have on their plates. “It made me realise that they simply don’t have the time to tackle everything, so the easier we can make their lives, the more time they have to actually run their businesses,” says Revell.

Stay Tuned For Our Next Steal Our Staff Event


We had the privilege of working with a bunch of small and medium businesses in Sydney this time around. This was a first of many to come. We have plans to expand our Steal Our Staff day into an Australia-wide initiative. Stay tuned for more details.