Accept payments anywhere, anytime

No matter whether you are running a busy coffee shop, a hotel on a remote island paradise, a boutique bicycle business or an outback medical practice, Tyro has you covered. Suitable for all types of business, our proven highly stable platform and permanent back-up system allows you to accept payments in store, on the go, anywhere and anytime.

Broadband or mobile

Tyro’s EFTPOS terminals1 connect to our live-live data centres using a broadband network or Telstra’s mobile 3G network.



Broadband (Ethernet or Wi-Fi) offers the fastest processing speeds with 95% of transactions taking less than 1.5 seconds2. For high 3G traffic venues we recommend the use of dedicated Wi-Fi connections to avoid 3G congestion.



Tyro’s cloud-based integrated terminals use Telstra’s extensive mobile 3G network. With 95% of transactions done in less than 1.6 seconds3, 3G offers fast speeds to rival broadband with added flexibility for those on the move.

Permanent back-up. No more drop-outs

If your POS system supports a 3G connection then you can use the terminal’s 3G connection permanently or as back-up. If it doesn’t support 3G back-up, you can still use a Dual WAN router for internet access. Dual WAN routers get you online using ADSL with the option of 3G/4G fall back if the ADSL connection drops out.

Network connectivity test

Check your internet connection before you start using your Tyro terminal or in case of troubleshooting.

Which Tyro terminal is best for you?

We have the terminal to suit every type of business. They are as individual as your needs.

More information

We recommend the use of DHCP so you can simply “plug and play” your terminal. You can configure the terminal’s IP address when you first set up your terminal, or at any time through the configuration menu. Tyro terminals also support static IP addressing.

For security reasons, Tyro doesn’t allow its EFTPOS terminals to use proxy servers.

For locations that have managed networks such as those in larger corporate settings, changes to firewall rules may be needed to allow the terminals/integration to function. See the network connectivity requirements on our Network Connectivity Test page for information about ports and IP address range.

In remote areas where 3G is not available, terminals may automatically switch to GPRS through Telstra.

If the internet is down, 3G not working, or you have no power, you can still process transactions offline. To see how, go to Customer Support. If your connectivity issues are ongoing, contact your IT administrator or internet service provider (ISP).