Tyro’s vision is to be the most efficient acquirer of electronic card transactions in Australia and to build the nextgen bank, providing innovative service, functionality and value to Australian businesses.


At all times, demonstrate behaviour that is consistent with being a good corporate citizen by acting honestly, fairly, diligently and in accordance with the law.

Ethical standards

All directors, managers, employees and contractors are expected to act with integrity and objectivity, striving at all times to enhance the reputation and performance of Tyro.


The following key principles apply to the Board and all employees of Tyro. Directors and employees will:

  • act with honesty and integrity;
  • act lawfully and within the spirit of the law; and
  • act within the spirit of justice and equity.

Risk management

Promoting robust risk management makes good business sense. Tyro’s philosophy is that risk management is an essential part of good management practice and is most effective when fully integrated into the operations of the company and embedded into the culture of the organisation.