As we celebrated International Women’s Day, it is important to reflect on how far we have come in terms of gender parity, yet also how far we still have to go for women to get an equal standing in the workforce. In today’s war for talent, it is a no-brainer that gender equality makes business sense. More importantly, gender inequality can affect the culture of an organisation.

Tyro has a culture of providing opportunities to all regardless of their gender. We believe in equal opportunity, flexible working arrangements, encouraging self-drive and an entrepreneurial culture. We encourage ideation and innovation.

At Tyro, women make up to 29 per cent of our team and 30 per cent hold managerial positions. High performing female professionals are leading a great number of our high-growth business areas (online customer on-boarding, lending product, digital marketing, health solutions, marketing of our banking solutions, internal audit and recruiting).

Women are increasingly entering professions that have been traditionally male-dominated and Tyro is a trend-setter. In Product and Engineering, women make up 20 per cent of the team.

Gender equality is at the forefront of our recruitment process and we undertake the following initiatives to ensure this is always prioritised by:

  • blind resume screening;
  • including female interviewers on selection panels;
  • requesting our recruitment partners to ensure that at least half of applicant on shortlists are female;
  • investing in unconscious bias training for staff.

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day was ‘Be Bold for Change.’ Tyro celebrated it by hosting “Dress for Success”, a NFP empowering women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and development tools. With approximately 300,000 women looking for employment in Australia, it was a really worthy cause to be a part of.

At Tyro, we don’t just want to be a driver of banking innovation, we also want to be a driver of gender parity. Every day, we are striving towards building a genuinely diverse workplace, with gender equality at the forefront of our modus operandi and value system.