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Tyro and LOTS POS

Tyro EFTPOS seamlessly integrated with LOTS POS can make doing business better.

Integration Features
  • Integrated Purchases help
  • Integrated Receipts help
  • Integrated Refunds help
  • Integrated Reports help

Corum LOTS POS is a pharmacy specific Point of Sale solution.

How does it work?
Patient information client accounts, inventories, loyalty programs, promotions and history are all located in the same application and accessible on the same screen. With LOTS ONE POS you can access accounts, receipts, price checks, Over The Counter item details, orders, inventory and more from any machine at any time.

LOTS-Complete runs on Microsoft Windows with full security.

Corum LOTS POS key features
– Interaction checking: Automatically check interactions between Over-The-Counter purchases and prescription items
– Cash security: Enhance cash security by performing cash lifts triggered by preset till limits plus ‘blind’ reconciliation to eliminate till skimming
– Barcode flexibility: Scan unlimited barcodes for each product
– Ordering: Order accurately based on actual sales history plus rolling or scanning stocktakes; fully integrated with the pharmacy purchasing electronic gateway, PharmX
– Storage locations: Assign products to a physical location to perform stock valuation reports and ensure quick identification
– Sales promotions: Manage sales promotions such as multi-buys, companion sales and bonus buys
– Loyalty clubs: Increase customer loyalty with flexible club options for gift vouchers and free gift triggers
– Lay-bys: Track and report on lay-bys
– Diary notification: Manage staff time by scheduling tasks or reminders and leaving messages for automatic notification
– Reporting: Manage pharmacy profitability by analysing and making changes according to annual sales history, overstocked, dead items, best and worst sellers, product groups and promotions

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