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Tyro and SAAS Medical Systems

Tyro EFTPOS seamlessly integrated with SAAS Medical Systems can make doing business better.

Allied Health Primary & GP Specialist
  • Integrated Purchases
  • Integrated Receipts
  • Integrated Refunds
  • Medicare Easyclaim – Bulk Bill
  • Medicare Easyclaim – Part Paid
  • Medicare Easyclaim – Patient Paid
  • Multi-Merchant
  • POS Information
  • Tyro Healthpoint

SAAS Web is a full-featured Cloud Practice Management System for Clinics, General Practitioners, Specialists, Allied Health and Ancillary Providers.

In addition to Healthpoint and Easyclaim options (Bulk Bill, Part Paid and Patient Claim) – SAAS Web also supports Medicare Online, DVA and Allied billing – as well as ECLIPSE for In-Patient Billing.

SAAS Web is a responsive Web Application hosted exclusively on the Microsoft Azure platform – providing all of the features, performance and security that you would expect.

No Servers to take care of – all backups and reference data (Medicare, MIMS Data, and Clinical Coding Systems) are all managed for you. Additionally, SAAS Desktop is available for power users. The desktop application runs in conjunction with SAAS Web.

Together – this provides all of the benefits of a cloud based Web Application while maintaining full integration with your existing office applications and all of your devices and printers.

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