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Your search for a point of sale (POS) can be made easier. Answer a few simple questions about your business and narrow your POS search.

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Which industry best describes your business?

How does a Point of Sale system work?

When you run a brick and mortar outfit, your POS becomes your business’ central nervous system.

A successful business is built on smooth operations.

With the right Point of Sale system, you will be able to create efficiencies and increase margins.

Point of Sale software built specifically for your operational work flow will help you streamline communications through your business. This means you and your staff can focus on providing the best service possible.

Imagine, no more running paper dockets around, frustrating data entry or re-keying issues. The right Point of Sale can make this a reality.


What is the best option for you?

The POS market is extremely noisy. How do you make the decision on which Point of Sale to go with?

Well first and foremost – start with a wish list. With the number of Point of Sale systems out there, it can be overwhelming when you begin your research journey. There are systems specific to hospitality, health and retail industries. This will narrow your search.

But it doesn’t end there.

Knowing the specific features and functionality you need from a Point of Sale will help you choose one that not just fits into, but enhances your day-to-day workflow.


How do you work out what you need?

Your operational workflow involves various steps. Ask yourself the following questions when you are considering your Point of Sale options.

1. How easy is it to use?

There are enough moving parts in your business, that you want your Point of Sale to just work. The best acid test for this is to ask yourself how long it would take you to train a new staff member to take a payment.

If this takes you more than 5 minutes, it’s too complicated and will slow you and your staff down.

2. How does it integrate with other systems you use?

You want to be working on your business, not wasting time transferring information from one system to another.

This is why integrations are the name of the game when it comes to Point of Sale. These days you can’t afford to have disconnected systems that don’t speak to each other. If the POS you are considering doesn’t integrate with other systems you’re using, it’s not the right system for your business.

3. What level of reporting and analytics does it bring you?

The beauty of a well oiled operations workflow is that it gives you a big picture view of how your business is run.

Your Point of Sale is so much more than a system to take payments. Most software today has the capability to turn raw data into meaningful information. Make sure you set up tracking on data points that will help you find inefficiencies and improve your business.

4. Does it help you with inventory management?

Whether you’re selling coffee, t-shirts or medicine you’re in the inventory game. Your supply chain should be top of mind and your Point of Sale should be helping you manage it.

5. How does it enhance your level of service?

The best tech is invisible. Technology streamlines processes. In the service game, technology needs to enhance, not detract from the human touch.

Your Point of Sale should be helping you offer better service, reduce miscommunication and all in all run a tighter ship.

6. What type of hardware will you need?

Hardware is an important consideration that gets glossed over when thinking about Point of Sale. Understanding how you want service to flow, will help you decide on exactly the type of hardware that you need to make it happen.

7. What are their support hours?

Things go wrong sometimes. You need a direct line to support if this happens.

Make sure that the Point of Sale you choose to go with has round the clock coverage, all day, everyday with Tyro’s 24/7 100% Customer Support.

Tyro works with more than 240 Point of Sale vendors. Learn more about how our EFTPOS works for retail, hospitality and health businesses.

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