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It’s important to get surcharging right. That’s why for most payment cards*, we calculate your cost of card acceptance based on the Merchant Service Fees and your 12 previous months’ card transaction history so you can decide how you want to surcharge within the RBA guidelines.

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When it comes to surcharging, things can get confusing.

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  • What are the RBA laws regarding excessive surcharging?

    The surcharging framework introduced by the Reserve Bank of Australia is designed to ensure businesses have the right to surcharge to cover their cost of accepting payment cards while also ensuring that consumers are not excessively surcharged.

  • When did the surcharging framework come into effect?

    The RBA surcharging framework came into effect on 1 September 2016 for all large businesses§ and on 1 September 2017 for all other businesses.

  • What is a reasonable surcharge?

    As part of the measures, the RBA standard of card acceptance costs has been defined as merchant service fees and may include EFTPOS machine rental¤.

  • What steps do I need to take to let my customers know about surcharges?

    You are required by law to inform the cardholder that a surcharge will be applied and state the rate. You cannot state that the card scheme or any other financial institution levies the surcharge. Download and customise our surcharging signage template or create your own. Your signage must be visible to your customers and kept up to date if you change your surcharge rates.

  • Is a surcharge included in a refund?

    If a surcharge was levied on the original transaction, the refund amount should include the surcharge amount apportioned.

  • How does surcharging affect GST?

    Surcharging has a GST component. So you should consider any GST implications.