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Tyro Referral Program

Tyro is committed to providing the best payment and banking technology to the Australian business community. The Tyro Referral Program ensures that our Partners are equipped with all the necessary information about our products so you can provide the most suitable solutions to meet your customer needs and objectives.

The Tyro Referral Program is a program developed for businesses outside our traditional technology partnerships and see Tyro as providing added value on top of their suite of products/services. The Tyro Partner Program has been designed to provide mutual benefits, which is exactly how partnerships should be.


Join the Tyro Referral Program and get access to:

Referral benefits

Tyro will offer a referral benefit for each successful customer referral to Tyro


Tyro will work with you to develop and deliver campaigns to your customer base, driving greater results in awareness, reach and sales


Tyro will provide insights and reporting into referrals shared with Tyro


Tyro will provide you with all relevant education and training materials to ensure you always stay ahead


Tyro will work with you so you are one of the first to know about new releases and developments


Access to a Partner Manager and the Partner Marketing team

Our Referral Program members

Below are some of the referral program members we currently work with

“Every Tyro transaction saves us time and money. The speedy ’Tap & Go’ experience with Tyro means our guests have more taco time and less waiting in queues.”

Tim McDonald
CoFounder Fonda Mexican

Joint Customer of Tyro and Deliveroo Perks

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