Business is booming

Last year 310,176+ new businesses were started by Australian entrepreneurs.

Small Business is a big part of the economy


Small businesses contributed just under a third of total industry value added in the Australian economy in 2013–14.


of people in Australia work for a Small Business.


of Small Businesses have a business loan facility other than a credit card.

Businesses are evolving

Australian entrepreneurs are a resilient bunch, and quick to adopt tools that help optimise their business.


of businesses spend most of their time online doing financial activities like banking and invoicing.


of businesses are using paid cloud computing services to get work done.


of businesses have both social media and a web presence.


Point of Sale/Practice Management Systems (POS/PMS) available to Australian businesses.

The way people pay is changing

Percentage of consumer cash payments

Cash payments are on the decline

People are moving away from old payment methods such as cheques

Percentage of cheque payments
Percentage of consumer card payments

Contactless Card Payments are taking over

And all ages are taking advantage of new mobile card payments

Users of mobile card payments by age

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