Surcharging Guide

Setting up surcharging is simple on your Tyro EFTPOS terminal. We recommend making changes to surcharging outside of business hours. This is because you will need to update your surcharge signage displayed in store and surcharge configuration data will need to be downloaded to your terminals. To change your surcharging settings:

1 Make sure your terminals are powered on and idle.

2 Log in to

3 Click on Manage my surcharging under Popular reports.

4 Click the Edit rates button.

5 The surcharge rate form fields will be pre-filled with Tyro’s recommendations. Adjust the surcharge rate you wish to set against each cart type and click Update surcharges. If in doubt, follow Tyro’s Recommended Rates.

6 Acknowledge that surcharging data will need to be downloaded to your terminals for surcharging to take effect.

7 Download the blank signage template.

8 Make sure your sign describes the surcharge rates you have applied on the merchant portal.

9 Display signage on your counter, where customers can be informed of the surcharge rates.

10 Confirm that your terminals are enabled for surcharging.

11 Start a payment transaction on each terminal. If the words “Surcharge may apply” appear on screen, then your terminal has updated. We also recommend pressing the info button and checking that the displayed surcharge amounts are aligned with your surcharge rates.