Want to surcharge?
With Tyro it’s safe and easy.

Surcharging made easy

All Tyro EFTPOS terminals have an embedded dynamic surcharging functionality automatically adding Tyros’ recommended surcharging rate on the sales amount. The surcharging amount will be indicated on the terminal at the moment of the sale so you and your customers are well informed.

Surcharging made safe

For most payment cards we provide you with the RBA acceptable surcharging rate based on the Merchant Service Fees and of your 12 previous months card transaction history. You can choose to override them, but if you stay within the recommended percentage you don’t need to worry about getting it wrong.

Three easy steps to manage your surcharging rates on your Merchant Portal


Switch on surcharging.


Manage surcharging.


Review and set rates.1

Check out our QuickGuide to surcharging.

Frequently asked questions

The new surcharging framework introduced by the Reserve Bank of Australia intends to ensure that businesses have the right to surcharge to cover their cost of accepting payment cards while also ensuring that consumers are not excessively surcharged.

The new RBA surcharging framework came into effect on 1 September 2016 for all large businesses 2 and will commence on 1 September 2017 for all other businesses.

As part of the new measures, the RBA definition of card acceptance costs has been narrowed. This will include merchant service fees and may include terminal rental. 3

For more information, visit the FAQs.

Want to know more?

  1. Rate changes take effect within five minutes.
  2. Visit the RBA website for the latest definition of a large business/merchant.
  3.  At present, Tyro does not include terminal rental when calculating its recommended surcharge rate.