Payments and banking solutions built for your business


Like businesses, not all banks are the same. We’re shaking up the business banking world, with smart payments and banking technology that could help you manage your cashflow, saving you time and money.


Whether your business is on the go, or you’re looking to keep queues short, Tyro EFTPOS provides a simple, yet feature-rich payments solution, to keep your business moving forward.

Seamless integration

Reduce keying errors and make end-of-day reconciliation a breeze with 330+ integrated POS/PMS providers.

No lock-in contract

With Tyro, you’re never locked in. We also have no hidden or cancel/break fees if you change your mind.

Tyro Bank Account

Manage your cash flow and get your EFTPOS funds settled 7 days a week1 (even on weekends and public holidays), with our fee-free, interest-bearing Tyro Bank Account.

Flexible settlements

Settle funds into your Tyro Bank Account 7 days a week at a time of your choosing1. Plus, select a percentage of daily takings2 to either settle into the Tyro Bank Account, or to be automatically transferred into your external linked bank account3.

Tyro & Xero

Link Xero to the Tyro Bank Account for seamless bank feeds, quick payroll, and simple batch payments.

Tyro Business Loan

With a Tyro Business Loan, you can borrow unsecured amounts up to $350,0004 to manage cash flow, help you expand, take on new inventory, or to keep you moving.

Repay as you trade

Repayments are made automatically by nominating a percentage of your daily EFTPOS and/or eCommerce takings, meaning repayments rise and fall in line with your cash flow (subject to minimum repayments).

Pricing made simple

No interest, ever! There’s just one fee you know up front and it’s paid down over the life of the loan as part of your loan repayments.

Tyro Business Term Deposits

Lock in your savings with our Tyro Business Term Deposit which offers a range of term deposit options to help you reach your savings goals.

Choice of Terms

Invest with as little as $1,000 and choose between 30, 60, or 90 day terms with principle and interest automatically transferred to your Tyro Bank Account at maturity5.

Fully digital

Once you have a Tyro Bank Account, there is no additional paperwork or application forms. Simply configure your Term Deposit through the Tyro App.

Better payments and banking solutions

Find out how Tyro’s payment and banking solutions can help your business thrive.

Calculate your potential loan

Find out how much you could borrow and what it will cost to repay. It’s a great way to understand the fee and how it’s charged based on your EFTPOS repayments.

The Tyro Business Loan calculator results are intended to be used as a guide only and are based on the information you input. The calculator may allow you to select a repayment percentage that may not be available for your actual loan. The results do not show the actual fee that will be payable for a loan for your business. The actual fee and total repayment amount may be higher or lower than shown. The repayments to be made from your daily EFTPOS and/or eCommerce settlement amounts are subject to minimum repayment amounts as set out in your loan terms and conditions. Default figures and calculator assumptions used by the calculator are subject to change at any time without notice. Using this calculator does not guarantee that you will be eligible for a Tyro Loan which is subject to you satisfying our eligibility criteria. Full terms and conditions are set out in the Tyro Lending Terms & Conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need Tyro EFTPOS and/or eCommerce to open a Tyro Bank Account or Tyro Business Loan?

    Yes. The Tyro Bank Account and Tyro Business Loan are only available to Tyro EFTPOS or eCommerce customers.

  • How long does it take to receive my Tyro EFTPOS machine(s)?

    Once your EFTPOS application is submitted, you should receive your EFTPOS machine(s) in 7-10 business days.

  • When can I apply for the Tyro Bank Account or Business Loan?

    Once you have Tyro EFTPOS and/or eCommerce, and have downloaded the Tyro App, you are eligible to apply for our banking products.

  • Is the Tyro Bank Account free?

    Yes. The Tyro Bank Account is completely fee-free.

  • What is the interest rate on the Tyro Business Loan?

    There is no interest rate, there’s just one fee you know up front, which is paid down over the life of the loan as part of your loan repayments.

  • How are repayments made on my loan?

    Repayments are made automatically by nominating a percentage of your daily EFTPOS and/or eCommerce takings, this is taken from your daily settlements before they appear in your nominated settlement account. This means your repayments rise and fall in line with your cash flow (subject to minimum repayments).

  • What is an ‘unsecured loan’?

    Tyro won’t request you to secure the loan against collateral like property. However, you are required to provide a personal guarantee when accepting the loan within the Tyro App.

  • What if I want to pay off my loan earlier than originally agreed?

    Tyro Business Loan is completely flexible so if you want to pay it off faster, you can. To pay off your loan sooner with a manual repayment, simply go into your Tyro App and to your loan and select a manual payment. Please note your loan fee is payable regardless of how quickly you pay off the loan.

  • Can I have more than one Tyro Business Loan?

    Tyro customers can only have one Tyro Business Loan at a time. There are no options to refinance or redraw on the Tyro Business Loan. Once the loan has been repaid in full, Tyro customers may be eligible for another loan. You can check your eligibility for a Tyro Business Loan through the Tyro App.

  • What can I use a Tyro Business Loan for?

    A Tyro Business Loan can be used for a range of business purposes (e.g. meet operational needs, expansion, purchase new inventory, upgrade equipment). Visit the business loan page on our website to find out more.