7 September 2016

How to automate your social media on a budget

Having a social media plan to market your business is a must, but who has the time or money? Here are some expert tips on what you can automate today (including your emails) to grow at a price you can afford.

Anna Ji was a B2B Growth Consultant to SMEs and government agencies for the last five years before joining Tyro as its senior Growth Marketer. These are her low-cost and time-saving techniques you can apply to your social media and email systems today.

Automating social media

There are no systems (yet) that can automate real engagement with your business and your followers and customers, but you can take out some of the drudgery with some great scheduling tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite. These cater for multiple platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn.

Anna’s time-saving tips:

  • Schedule your weekly posts using tools like Buffer, if you manage multiple accounts you can easily post to all networks with the same message.
  • Outsource your image/video content production to micro-task platforms like Fiverr. For the cost of $5 (USD) you can get a professionally designed image/video for the post.
  • Use platforms such as Canva to create beautiful and free designs which is a beginner-friendly alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

Advanced automation tips:

  • Curate and publish popular content using scoop.it, paper.li. Or for the more advanced, use Zapier.
  • Use tools like Mention to track social mentions of your brand or products so you can quickly find potential customers or manage complaints.
  • Extremely advanced: You can automate your Facebook messenger responses using bots via Botlist.

Automating your email

While not as sexy as the social media frontier, e-marketing is still an essential tool for any mid-weight business. Perfect for lead nurturing, educating customers, it’s also something available to any budget. Good entry point email service providers are Mailchimp and Vero. Here’s what Anna recommends:

What tools for what job?

Remember, the time you save automating all this you can spend growing your business.

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