Getting started is easy

Tyro’s terminals are easy to set up by following the step-by-step prompts on the screen. When you receive your terminal, connect it to your network and switch it on. For mobile devices, simply sign on to your WiFi network on the terminal. Then call us on 1300 966 639 to activate it and link it to your POS/PMS or switch on standalone mode.

Talk to an expert

We understand your business payment processes like we know our payment solutions. Our support team in Sydney has the in-depth knowledge which means your queries will get resolved faster.

24/7 service

Our Australian-based Customer Support is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our expert knowledge means your queries get resolved faster.

Offline transactions

Can’t put a payment through because your internet is down, 3G not working, or there is no power? You can still process transactions offline via either getting a Voice Authorisation or using a Manual Transaction Receipt.1

You can accept credit card payments by calling the Tyro Customer Support Team who will ask you for:

  • Merchant ID and terminal ID or account name and terminal’s 7-digit serial number
  • Credit card number and 4-digit expiry date
  • CCV 3 or 4 card security code
  • Transaction amount

We process the transaction over the phone and give you a reference number for your records (merchant is obliged to keep it for six months) and to check the status of the payment via the Merchant Portal.

Fraud risk: Voice authorisation transactions carry the same fraud risks as MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) transactions.

In case you can’t reach the Tyro Customer Support Team, you may want to use a Manual Transaction Receipt (MTR) to document the transaction and record the customer’s signature. We advise to pre-print some receipts for future use. When your terminal is back online, all transactions processed with MTRs must be completed as MOTO transactions. DO NOT send these forms to Tyro for processing.

Fraud risk: Tyro does not recommend processing payments with MTRs due to the high risk of fraud. Any payments processed this way are done at your risk.

What if your terminal gets damaged?

If your terminal gets damaged, simply call our Customer Support Team and we will send you a replacement. If the replacement terminal is shipped before midday, you will receive it on the following business day. This may vary depending on location. Please return the damaged unit in the supplied prepaid courier satchel as outlined in our Tyro Terminal Return Policy. To avoid further rental/replacement charges, Tyro must receive the defective terminal — securely packaged and shipped in the provided satchel — within five business days. The following standard rates apply for repairing terminals:

EFTPOS Terminal - Tyro Yoximo



EFTPOS Machine - Tyro Yomani 3G

Yomani 3G


EFTPOS Machine - Tyro Yomani









Should the terminal be damaged or lost beyond reasonable repair as determined by Tyro, its replacement value will be charged to you. Merchants are responsible for the insurance of the terminal against any loss/damage that may arise from vandalism, theft, fire, flood, earthquake or misuse/neglect.

What if the terminal’s SIM card is removed?

Removal of the SIM card will automatically disable the 3G functionality of the terminal and you will need to return it to Tyro Customer Support for re-configuration. Fees will apply.

How to order a loaner terminal?

You can order loaner terminals by going to You will need your Tyro Merchant ID and the serial number of one of your existing terminals to place the order. Cost of a loaner terminal is $189+GST set up fee plus a minimum of one month rental fee.  Monthly rental fees are ongoing until the terminal is returned.  Alternatively you can call Tyro on 1300966639 and we’ll mail you a request form. Once completed and mailed the terminal will be shipped within a few days.

Our terminal return policy

In case you wish to return a terminal call our Customer Support Team and we will send you a prepaid courier satchel with the instructions. Refer to Tyro’s Terminal Return Policy and follow the checklist below to ensure all is done correctly.

Yes Package the terminal securely (preferably in the original box)
Yes Remove battery from terminal and place it separately in the box (if it’s a mobile terminal)
Yes Put the packaged terminal in the satchel
Yes Complete and attach the courier company’s pre-paid consignment sticker on the box
Yes Call the courier company to arrange pick-up
Yes Quote Tyro's account number and delivery address:
Tyro Payments, Level 1, 155 Clarence St, Sydney NSW 2000
Yes Retain the sender's copy of consignment note for your records

Want to know more?

  1. Debit card transactions cannot be processed offline.
  2. GST excluded