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Watch your hospitality business thrive with Tyro Connect

Tyro is working on connecting your business with powerful possibilities through leading apps and software. With Tyro Connect your business can always be a step ahead.

Seamlessly connect must-have apps to your hospitality POS system

In today’s competitive and tech-enabled environment, businesses can find themselves having to juggle many different apps in order to meet customer expectations and manage day-to-day tasks.

Tyro Connect is an integration hub that plugs these apps into the POS system, making them easier for businesses to use and manage. Tyro Connect works with POS software designed for cafes, restaurants, QSRs, pubs, clubs and bars.

We’ve partnered with leading POS systems in the hospitality industry
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Latest apps

Tyro Connect enables you to easily integrate your favourite apps and services with your POS system. As an ever-growing integration hub, we’re continuously announcing new connections with apps that help businesses streamline food ordering and delivery, booking, loyalty, and more.

A growing ecosystem to help optimise and support your business

Tyro Connect enables hospitality businesses to easily integrate and more effectively use the apps they need to thrive in today’s competitive market. Beginning with ordering, Tyro Connect is quickly expanding to address the most critical areas for Australia’s hospitality businesses, such as menu management, booking and customer retention.


Automatically push accepted orders from ordering apps directly into the POS, eliminating the need for your staff to manually re-enter the order.

Menu management

Easily sync menus across your POS and multiple food ordering apps. Menu management reduces the need to update multiple menus and helps avoid outdated menus being seen by your customers.


Receive and manage reservations from leading booking platforms. Optimise your table turnover through enhanced insight into table status.

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Enhance the value of your existing apps through data

Tyro Connect enables you to share your item level sales data with your favourite inventory, booking and loyalty apps so that they can provide you with customised reports, insights and services.

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Unlock insights from your card transactions

Through Tyro Connect you can generate insights from your Tyro card payment data to better understand the behaviour of your customers.

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