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Supporting your practice offer telehealth

Telehealth offers a new way to keep practitioners and patients in touch for consultations while keeping the community safe. Tyro can support your practice offer telehealth consultations by processing both MBS bulk-billed telehealth claims and gap fee payments.  Find out more on our telehealth page.

tyro eftpos POS integration


Fast transactions, easier reconciliation at day’s end, reduced keying errors, and less time and money spent on practice admin – at Tyro, we integrate with 39 Practice Management Software systems, no middleware or double-handling. How fast is fast? It’s 11 seconds to process a patient’s Medicare rebate straight out of your EFTPOS, and just under 4.5 seconds for processing Private Health Fund Claims.*

Private health claims

Patients want in and out fast. With Tyro HealthPoint, you can process private health claims in just under 4.5 seconds for the 98% of Australia’s insured population we cover. Every moment counts, right?

Medicare claims

A crowded waiting room is less of a headache for everyone with integrated Medicare Easyclaim. It only takes 11 seconds to process a patient’s Medicare rebate straight out of your EFTPOS*. Just like that. 11 seconds and done.

Health Point
One settlement for claims

One consolidated settlement for Medicare and private health fund claims that you can keep track of in the Tyro App. Meaning one less hassle when reconciling at day’s end.

All doctors, one EFTPOS

Reception staff love it, practitioners do too. You can register multiple doctors on one machine, so there’s no swapping between systems while juggling busy practice needs. Payments go to the correct practitioner’s bank account without the double-handling, and there’s less risk of administrative error.

24/7 service

24/7 Australian-based Customer Support for help with any of your Tyro services, plus tech advice should you need it. You can access the Tyro Portal and Tyro App with daily takings, reporting, including the detail on your EFTPOS and eCommerce settlements.

Telehealth payments

Offer telehealth consulations to your patients and process both MBS bulk-billed telehealth claims and gap fee payments with Tyro EFTPOS and Tyro eCommerce.

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