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12 May 2021 - 3 min read

Product Features

Why customers love Pay@Table

The last thing your customers want – particularly after a beautiful meal – is to wait in a long queue to pay. Instead, give them a positive payment experience so they walk out thinking, “How easy was that?” Read on to discover how.

Tableside payments using technology like Tyro’s Pay@Table offer a convenient, simple, and speedy way to pay for a meal. In fact, many discerning diners now expect it.

What is Pay@Table?

Pay@Table gives you the flexibility to let customers pay at their table – without locking up your POS for other staff members. The technology works with a wide range of POS systems, and uses mobile EFTPOS machines to collect payments from the customer’s table (or, really, anywhere on your premises).

Here’s how it works:

  • A staff member prints the bill and brings it to the customer’s table, along with a Tyro mobile EFTPOS machine
  • While the customer reviews the bill, the staff member enters the table number and their staff ID to bring up the bill on the mobile EFTPOS machine
  • The customer then has the option to pay in full or split it with their friends – this can easily be done in a few simple taps
  • Then, an on-screen prompt asks the customer if they’d like to leave a tip before asking for payment
  • Once paid, a receipt is printed and the POS is automatically updated

Why customers love it

From the customer’s perspective, Pay@Table is an easy, stress-free way to end a night (or day) out. They don’t need to leave their seat or endure the to-and-fro of a waiter taking their credit card up to the till to complete a payment. And it’s simple to split bills, too, which removes the awkward IOUs. 

Payments feel more secure, too. Their credit card never leaves their hands, giving them the peace of mind that their personal and card information is kept safe.

Each diner selects their share

Sometimes, groups of friends want to split the bill down to the cent, with each diner only paying for what they ate or drank. This makes sense. If two people at a table of six enjoyed an expensive bottle of wine while the rest sipped on sparkling water, for example, then an uneven split seems fair. With Pay@Table, diners have the option to enter any amount for their share of the bill – covering all customer bases.

Whether customers are splitting the bill or not, tipping is easy, too. Every person who pays will be presented with the option of leaving a tip – with the option to enter any amount they like.

What’s in it for you

Pay@Table frees up your waitstaff to focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience instead of running back and forth to swipe credit cards at the till. If you have multiple Tyro mobile EFTPOS machines on the go, more than one table can pay at once – which helps with table turnover.

Compatible with leading POS systems

As at April 2021, the following POS systems are compatible with Pay@Table:

  • IdealPOS
  • SwiftPOS
  • Redcat
  • H&L
  • Abacus
  • Shiji
  • Ordermate
  • Vectron
  • Redcat
  • Bepoz
  • Fedelta
  • Impos
  • Revel
  • Lotus POS
  • Uniwell
  • Infogenesis
  • Imagatec
  • TriniTEQ
  • Maitre’D

Where to learn more

To find out more about Pay@Table with Tyro EFTPOS, get in touch with a Tyro payment specialist.