20 August 2015

Zedmed and Tyro add Bulk Billing feature to Medicare Easyclaim

Zedmed will strengthen its product offering with Tyro Payments, with plans to release Tyro’s Integrated Medicare Easyclaim Bulk Billing Claiming feature in August 2015.

Up until now Zedmed’s practice management billing software has had full integration with Tyro for payments and Medicare Easyclaim Patient Paid claims only. The bulk billing feature completes the Easyclaim feature set for Zedmed and gives them an edge in the competitive Australian practice management software market.

“Along with the release of this latest bulk billing feature, we are looking forward to adding more Tyro features to the Zedmed products in the future, as we move closer to our new Mobile Health Practice Management Software platform,” said Richard Ireson, CEO of Zedmed.

Tyro’s Medicare Easyclaim Bulk Billing feature allows bulk bill claims to be processed directly through a practice’s Tyro EFTPOS terminal. It removes the need for bulk billing vouchers to be printed, saving practices thousands of dollars per year in unnecessary paper costs. In addition, with bulk bill claims being sent in real time to Medicare there is no need for end of day batching, removing an onerous end of day process for practice staff and reducing unnecessary overtime.

“The beauty of the Tyro EFTPOS real time bulk billing feature is that it is fully integrated with the Zedmed billing software. It makes reception staff more efficient and gives them one less thing to worry about in what is already a high pressure environment,” said Alison O’Brien, Tyro’s Health Industry.

Tyro currently processes over 1 million Medicare claims per month through its Integrated Medicare Easyclaim solution and it currently leads the market in providing instant Medicare claims for patients. In addition to Medicare Easyclaim, Tyro recently launched its own health fund claiming solution, Tyro Healthpoint.

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