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27 June 2022 - 3 min read


5 hair and beauty trends to look out for in 2022

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The hair and beauty industry is constantly evolving, and now more than ever consumers are turning to brands that offer clean, sustainable, and inclusive products that they can trust.

If you own a hair or beauty business, it’s important to stay on top of industry trends so you can integrate them into your operations and give customers what they want. So you know what hair and beauty industry trends are expected to take off in 2022, we’ve scoured the internet and compiled a list of five for you. Read on to discover what they are.

2022 hair and beauty trends

Let’s get personal

To kick off our hair and beauty trends list, we’re talking personalisation. Brands have evidently been making an effort to personalise their services and formulas for customers¹, so people can easily find and create products that make sense for their hair, skin, and body. Examples include virtual make-up try-ons to see if a colour suits their skin tone or inputting their hair type and texture into a generator to find a shampoo and conditioner that their locks will love.

Harnessing technology and the digital space is essential when it comes to offering personalised services and products. Whether it’s artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, or DNA analysis, we’ll continue to see brands leveraging technology to meet the needs of more customers and boost their overall appeal.

The rise of skincare–makeup hybrids

Another one of the hair and beauty trends we can expect to see in 2022 is makeup that doubles as skincare.¹ Consumers are increasingly after cosmetics that will enhance their appearance while simultaneously looking after their skin—whether that be enriching it with antioxidants, keeping it moisturised, or protecting it from the sun. Tinted serums, brightening primers, and illuminating eye balms are just some of the skin-makeup hybrids we can expect to see on more shelves as the rest of the year unfolds.²

Getting serious about sustainability

Sustainability has undoubtedly been shaping the hair and beauty industry in previous years. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about the products they buy and want to know exactly what’s in them, how the ingredients were sourced, how the product is made and manufactured, and how it can be recycled, refilled, and reused. As sustainability becomes a top priority for consumers, there’s a few new movements we can expect brands to embrace to win the hearts of their customers. This includes waterless products, refillable packaging, and upcycled beauty (all of which we’ll get into below).

The premise of waterless products is replacing the water component of formulas with botanical ingredients like waxes, butters, and oils to reduce water consumption and boost potency (which means you don’t need preservatives or unnecessary fillers).³ Resulting in powdered and solid formats², examples of waterless products include cleansing bars, serums, and dry face masks. Designed to be good for the planet and for the consumer, waterless products are expected to keep popping up more as 2022 continues.

Moving onto refillable packaging, as consumers become more environmentally conscious, they’re on the hunt for products that are kinder to the planet. Hence, refillable packaging is slowly but surely becoming a thing in the hair and beauty industry. In a nutshell, refillable packing is when a piece of the packaging can be replaced instead of buying a new product altogether, reducing waste. An example of refillable packaging would be a cream product featuring a glass jar and refillable inserts that pop out when you need to replace them.³

In 2022, there’s also been an increased interest in upcycled beauty products.³ While originally focused on food, upcycling has made its way to the hair and beauty industry (and for good reason). Upcycled beauty is all about creating products from ingredients that would otherwise be considered waste, and giving them a new lease on life, which is obviously much better for the planet.

Beauty snacking

Next up for hair and beauty trends in 2022 is beauty snacking. No, we’re not talking about edible products but, rather, flash treatments and easy, no-mess formulas.³ Born out of the pandemic, the premise is treating yourself to small beauty rituals throughout the day.² Whether you work from home and need a quick refresh, or just want to create more moments of pleasure in your routine, beauty snacking is designed to give you just that. Combining results with relaxation, micro beauty movements going around include spray-on moisturiser, under eye patches, leave-in hair treatments and rapid face masks.³

Male-marketed beauty and grooming is on the rise

The male-marketed beauty and grooming sector is on the rise, expected to generate global sales of $81.2 billion (US dollars) by 2024⁴. This shift is due to a few things—lockdowns giving men the time to experiment with products from the comfort of their own home, the gradual evolution of masculinity norms, and society’s collective interest in self-care and the beauty brand boom of recent years offering men more product choice as well as agendas they can align with. We can expect to see more from the boys when it comes to the celebrity beauty brand market, following in the likes of Harry Styles (who launched Pleasing in part to “dispel the myth of a binary existence”) and Lil Yachty, AJ McLean, and Machine Gun Kelly who all recently launched nail polish brands.¹ This rise in male-owned beauty brands obviously has the potential to encourage men to step out and create their own hair and beauty businesses, making their unique mark on the industry.


As the hair and beauty industry continues to evolve, it’s essential to stay on top of trends to meet the demands of customers and maintain a competitive edge.

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