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31 March 2021 - 4 min read

Business Strategies

6 simple strategies to win the hearts of your customers this Easter

With the Easter holidays mere days away, is your business ready to make the most of the foot traffic? Got some fun things planned for your customers? If you’re feeling like the holidays have snuck up on you this year, then read on for some quick and easy ways to share the joy with your customers.

1. Start here with these quick fixes

At this stage in the game, it’s probably a little late to plan and roll out a big Easter-themed event. Never fear, though. There are plenty of smaller things you can do to get into the spirit of Easter without having to pull an all-nighter.

Kids love a good colouring-in competition – and it’s so easy for you to find an Easter-themed pic or two online. Print out a bundle, choose some prizes (yes, chocolate is the obvious choice here), and encourage all the young ones who come in-store to participate. The hardest part is picking a winner.

Another easy way to get into the spirit of the four-day holiday is to hand out Easter eggs. Every time a customer orders a coffee, give them a chocolate treat. Or, if you run a retail store, have a bowl of Easter eggs on display at your sales counter for when customers make a purchase. It’s a small gesture but guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

2. Hop over to your social channels

Will your opening hours change over Easter? Got some special offers, an Easter-inspired menu or gorgeous Easter gifts that customers might want to know about? Get the message out on your social channels pronto to make the most of this peak sales season.

You could also use your social channels to spread the Easter joy. Beyond simply wishing your customers a happy Easter, come up with a week’s worth of Easter-themed special deals or run a social media giveaway with a chocolatey twist.

3. Gather your last-minute gift or food ideas

Many of your customers will still be shopping for last-minute Easter gifts this week. If you sell gifts, books, games or food, make the most of this week’s spike in foot traffic by guiding your customers to the products you’re keen to sell. Set up an Easter-themed gift display or get creative with an eye-catching window display. You could even offer free gift-wrapping to encourage shoppers to buy with you.

If you run a restaurant, café or bar, then get cracking on some delicious specials that either celebrate the holiday or give the influx of tourists a taste of your region’s local produce. 

4. Get cracking on holiday activities

Beyond the Easter long weekend, the school holidays are an ideal time for small businesses to capitalise on the increase in traffic – particularly if you’re located in a popular holiday town. Find out what’s going on around town during the holidays and whip up a flyer that promotes your pick of the best activities. Visitors will be sure to appreciate the helpful hints and will be more likely to want to pop back into your store to share their experiences.

5. Celebrate diversity in your community

Don’t forget there are many diverse cultural activities which occur around the Easter period – including Greek Easter or Passover.

Creating an inclusive experience for all your customers can go a long way in demonstrating customer-centricity. You could consider welcoming and inclusive signage, decorations or special offers. If you’re unsure about what’s culturally appropriate for different groups, do some research first.

If you’re thinking about offering school holiday activities for kids, then make them more generic in nature. Instead of leaning on the Easter theme – which could exclude some groups – go with more of a general holiday feel to foster inclusivity.

6. Prepare for peak traffic

Easter can be a bumper time for many businesses. Triple-check your systems and stock to ensure everything’s ready for this peak trading period. From spare paper rolls for your POS terminals, to extra shopping bags, to additional staff – having back-ups in place will never go astray.

For all the extra sales you make over the holiday period: if you settle your funds into a Tyro Bank Account, they are paid 7 days a week, even weekends and public holidays, at a time of your choosing.*

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