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12 November 2020 - 4 min read

Case Studies

A Practice Manager keeping up with payments and patient demand

Green Square Health is a very busy practice managed by Practice Manager, Christina Van Prehn, and her team. We sat down with Christina recently to hear more about how Tyro is supporting her at work.

How busy is ‘busy’?

Green Square Health isn’t your average medical practice. Christina and her team manage the work lives of general practitioners, psychologists and physios:

“And the general practitioners tend to do some specialised areas such as skin procedures, skin cancer checks, travel medicine. We do a lot of sexual health as well.”

Positioned in one of Sydney’s busiest hubs for young professionals and families, Green Square, there’s also the patient pressure.

Said Christina: “Our population is very time poor. We don’t take walk-ins; we take appointments only and we find that our patients…book themselves back to back. So, they might book an appointment here and book themselves somewhere else in 30 minutes time.”

Why Tyro?

“For us, being on time and having efficient systems is really important,” said Christina.

Using Best Practice as their PMS for notes, appointment management and billing, the integration of Tyro smooths the relay of data between practitioner, reception and patients:

“The fact that the accounts can come straight through from the doctor to the front desk, it’s convenient for the admin team who are busy enough answering phones and dealing with patients face to face. It’s also easy for the doctors.”

What’s working well?

For Christina, it’s the “reduced risk for incorrect billings being put through”.

“Just being able to have the transaction come through the system straight from the doctor, to the front desk, to the patient; [then they] claim their instant rebate and be out of here in a short period of time…[It’s] a real advantage.”

Green Square Health Practice Founder, Dan Chanisheff, agrees

“The claiming process from a doctor’s side…is very simple. You put the billing through as per the software. You just have to understand what item numbers are appropriate from the reception side. Once they know what you’re billing…they just put it through in the payment window and it comes up on the terminal.”

How do your patients feel?

Not having to worry about “anything after the consult” helps patients breathe a collective sigh of relief; which has the knock-on effect to Christina’s team as well.

“The patient(s)…finish up with the doctor, they come out to the front desk, they pay, and then they get their rebate straight away.”

Any feedback to report?

“The biggest feedback that we get is it’s nice not to have to…worry about dealing with Medicare. They don’t have to go into an office, they don’t have to worry about downloading the myGov app and those sorts of things. Or having to upload documents. So, I think it’s just the convenience factor that people really appreciate.”

What can’t you, personally, live without?

“The ability to match payments, for me, is the biggest benefit,” said Christina.

“[I] go to Best Practice and look at the banking, what was taken for the day, and then compare that against the Tyro Portal. It really helps the reconciliation process, it makes it a lot easier for me, because it can be quite a lengthy process.”

Integration at Tyro
Faster transactions, easier reconciliation at day’s end, reduced keying errors, and less time and money spent on practice admin. Tyro integrates with the major Practice Management Software systems.

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