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8 May 2018 - 3 min read

Business Strategies

Getting ready for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s sure to be a busy time for many businesses, especially those in hospitality and retail.

Special occasions like this can create a wonderful opportunity to help customers feel special. Here are a few simple ideas on how you can make the day a success for both your business and your customers.

Make sure the tools you use for service run correctly

Mother’s Day week can be a hectic time. Additional demand created by customers can be stressful if you and your team aren’t adequately prepared. Consider having extra staff on hand to help with the increase of orders, as well as ensuring you have adequate stock on your shelves that looks appealing.

Make the most of trading times leading up to Mother’s day by extending your opening hours. There will be a lot of families dining out as a way of celebrating. Opening for longer allows you to accommodate more customers and their, often, last minute purchases.

As an example for businesses that work in hospitality, if you normally open for lunch and dinner services, have a think about incorporating a breakfast or brunch menu. Create a special set menu for the day as this could help the day run a bit smoother. It can also help your staff be more confident in explaining the delicious options to diners.

Extended service times

Stand out

An eye-catching window display and shop floor can be a timely drawcard. Place Mother’s Day gifts and items at the front of your store and make your most gift-worthy items stand out. You could even have a dedicated ‘Mother’s Day’ area of your store a few days prior, with gift-wrapping, to make everyone aware of special promotions.

Add a little extra

Have you considered adding something a little extra to your normal product and services to make your customers, and beloved mothers, feel special on the day? Can you offer a complimentary glass of bubbles, gift cards or free chocolates? It’s often the small touches that make the day one to remember.

Stand out from other businesses and make sure customers are aware of your one-off promotions by advertising on social media.