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25 May 2020 - 2 min read

Case Studies

How Pentagon Group Hotels continued to provide for their customers during COVID-19

As an operator of three hotels in Tasmania, Pentagon Group is all-too-familiar with the impact the mandated closure of pubs and restaurants, and broader restrictions on people movement, have had on Australian businesses.

Confronted with this uncertainty, Pentagon quickly began to explore ways they could keep delivering for their customers and diversify their own business.

Pentagon Group Hotels manages three hotels in Tasmania; the Old Tudor Hotel (the largest hotel and entertainment complex in Launceston), The Foreshore (located on Hobart’s picturesque Eastern Shore), and the Bayside Inn (offering beautiful views of Georges Bay). Each location offers a variety of amenities including pubs and restaurants.

No longer being able to accept reservations from the public, Pentagon needed to scrap their general advertising and take a far more targeted approach. They decided to only market to businesses that employed “essential” workers, who were designated to work in the local area and needed somewhere to stay.

One such group were fire fighters. After the devastating bushfires earlier this year, an extremely important service this autumn is back burning. Pentagon was able to provide accommodation for firefighters of the Tasmania Fire Service as well as Forestry Tasmania while they carried out essential work in the local area.

In addition, the hotels’ restaurants shifted to a delivery-based service. This required outreach to the local community, as well as changing responsibilities within the restaurant teams. Staff took on new roles in delivery and meal preparation.

These changes have received great feedback from customers who were keen to help these restaurants stay open, with some even opting to travel from outside of town to have a delivery made to them. 

Congratulations to the Pentagon Hotel Group team for their innovation during these difficult times.

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