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19 January 2022 - 4 min read

Business Strategies

How QR codes can boost your business

Quick response (QR) codes are barcode-like squares that customers can scan with their phone to place an order, make a payment, visit a businesses’ website or landing page, provide feedback, or register their attendance.

Designed as a quick and easy way to connect with customers, they can be placed anywhere from tables and receipts to business cards and mail pamphlets.

QR codes are nothing new but they may seem like it—having recently made a comeback thanks to Covid-19 check-ins becoming commonplace. While the pandemic may have thrust this technology into the spotlight, savvy businesses have long been investigating the ways this technology can inspire more creative ways to virtually engage with customers.

In this article, we discuss the benefits of implementing QR codes and how they can help boost your communications and marketing efforts.



Enhanced customer experience

QR codes do an excellent job of simplifying the sales process and providing contactless payments; but they can do so much more, by offering exclusive, personalised content and delivering a unique customer experience.

Using QR codes to direct customers to informative videos, interactive games, competitions, and exclusive offers are just some of the ways you can provide something extra to your customers and provide an elevated experience they will remember.

Provide information in a cost-effective way

With a quick scan of a QR code, customers can read important information about your business on their phone, reducing the need for excessive physical collateral and other complicated marketing initiatives, saving you time and money. It’s also easy to update information or make any changes as it’s all done digitally and you’re not having to go through the cost- and time-intensive process of updating physical marketing material.

Note: If you plan on printing your QR code on marketing material, it’s best to get an editable QR code; this enables you to change the encoded website address without having to create an entirely new code.

Increase your social media following

Providing your customers with QR codes that link off to your social media page is a great way to generate new followers; with new followers comes new opportunities for engagement and conversation, which is always a win for small-business owners.

The benefit of using a QR code, instead of simply advertising your social handle, is that customers don’t need to put in the work to find you; less barriers to entry increases the likelihood of people actually hitting that follow button.

Gather valuable customer data

QR codes are a valuable business marketing tool as they provide instant data that can be used to inform marketing strategies. By gathering real-time statistics, you can collect broad-view information, such as the number of people who scanned your code, as well as more detailed data such as the date, time, location, and what device was used.

Asking your customers for certain information when scanning your QR code, such as their email address or phone number, can also help you to make live updates, share timely news, and personalise the customer experience.

Accepting payments from Alipay

Another benefit of QR codes is that they can be used to initiate payments from payment providers, such as Alipay—a third-party mobile and online payment platform popular with international tourists. Tyro offers Alipay acceptance – directly on the Tyro EFTPOS machine, and we’re proud to be the first Australian provider to do so.

To make a payment through Alipay, all a customer has to do is open the Alipay App on their mobile device and scan the dynamically generated QR code within 60 seconds to complete the transaction1. No specific App is required to enable Alipay on Tyro EFTPOS machines and settlement is next day through Tyro.

You can learn more about how Alipay and Tyro EFTPOS work together here.


As a business, using QR codes shows that you’re adaptable, tech savvy and keen to keep up with business trends to offer your customers the best experience possible. They can also help you connect with customers wherever they are and gain valuable insights that can help strengthen your business marketing and communication strategy.

Interested in getting Tyro EFTPOS so you can accept Alipay payments? Get in touch!

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1 Alipay acceptance is available in-store through your Tyro EFTPOS Facility (subject to eligibility).