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10 March 2022 - 4 min read

Case Studies

How Stockman’s upped their delivery game with Tyro Connect and Hubster

In today’s competitive and tech-centered world, hospitality businesses have to manage multiple delivery apps to meet customer expectations and complete day-to-day tasks. With so many moving parts, it can be challenging to stay on top of orders and operations and keep things running smoothly. So, software that streamlines processes is always a major drawcard.

Tyro Connect is an integration hub designed to make life simpler for hospitality businesses. It plugs these delivery apps into their Point of Sale (POS) system, eliminating manual handling and rework so staff can save time and better serve their customers.

Hubster, an aggregator of delivery apps, is another software giving businesses a leg up. You can access and manage a wide variety of delivery apps from a single tablet, instead of going back and forth between stand-alone tablets or websites.

Stockman’s, a beloved burger spot nestled in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, knows first-hand just how beneficial having both Tyro Connect and Hubster can be. Here’s how they upped their delivery, and overall business efficiency, by adopting these two solutions.

The Stockman’s story

Notorious for serving up decadent burgers, the freshest beers, and funkiest desserts, Stockman’s is the brainchild of owner William Fenson. “I’ve always worked in food, and had a love of burgers. I found there were limited cuisine options on Sydney’s Northern beaches, so I started Stockman’s.”

Stockman’s mission is to feed others the way you wish to be fed, so when their business began transitioning to an even split of in-store and delivery orders, they needed to find a better way to do delivery.

Fenson found that more and more customers were reliant on delivery and that reliance was expanding from just weekends to weekdays too. “It’s becoming a bigger part of our business week on week. We’re grateful that people love our restaurant and continue to support it whether that’s in-store or at home but managing our delivery business used to be quite difficult. We don’t have a lot of counter space in the restaurant, and since every delivery partner requires its own devices  we were hesitant to sign up with new partners. Our front-of-house was becoming chaotic.”

Eager to simplify delivery orders, William was excited to try Hubster—a solution that would later be made even better with Tyro Connect.

Setting the foundations

For Stockman’s, Hubster was the start of streamlining their delivery process. With Hubster’s Order Manager, all their delivery orders and operations are centralised on a single tablet and app. “It saves us so much time and space – it really makes life easier for our staff.”

In addition, the business is missing fewer orders. “The Auto-acceptance feature has increased the number of orders we receive. It quite literally lets us put our delivery on auto-pilot.”

Being able to focus on giving in-venue customers best-in-class service is yet another benefit. “In-store is our priority. Sydney’s Northern beaches is known for having a lot of tourists, and we want to ensure that Stockman’s is a great experience for them. Now that Hubster puts our delivery on auto-pilot, our staff can give proper attention to our in-store customers.”

Taking to new heights with Tyro Connect

After about a year using Hubster, the Stockman’s team decided to go one step further in streamlining their delivery operations by integrating it with their POS using Tyro Connect. “Once we saw how much time and space Hubster saved us through Order Manager, we decided to partner with the Tyro Connect team to solve our next obstacle: manual order entry.”

Stockman’s front of house staff were manually typing each order into their POS which took up a great deal of time, and sometimes resulted in order errors. Introducing Tyro Connect helped change the game for Stockman’s. “When we integrated Hubster to our POS system through Tyro Connect, we began sending our delivery orders straight to the kitchen: no manual labour required. This has saved us time, money and stress: everything runs seamlessly. It’s been such a value add for our business. Having this integration, with all orders automatically coming through to my POS saves me about two minutes per order and means my staff can focus on my in-venue customers which is ultimately where we make more money. This has been especially helpful with the staffing issues I have had during COVID.”

As delivery continues to grow, Stockman’s has the best tools in place to keep online orders easy to manage. Tyro Connect, with Hubster, will continue helping them avoid countertop chaos and save time so they can focus on what matters most.