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25 July 2022 - 5 min read


How to get your business ready for Father’s Day

When festive periods roll around, it’s a perfect opportunity for your small business to get into the spirit and share the joy with your customers – and Father’s Day is no exception.

In this article, we share seven Father’s Day marketing ideas, so you can help your customers celebrate the dads and dad figures in their lives all while boosting your business.

1. Stay open longer

With Father’s Day comes the inevitable flurry of gift giving (often last minute!). To make the most of the influx of customers, consider keeping your doors open longer in the lead up to the big day so there’s plenty of time for customers to pop in before or after work. Not only will this keep customers happy but you’ll be able to bring in more sales and ideally increase that bottom line.

2. Dare to decorate

You won’t be the only business doing something special for Father’s Day, so make sure you stand out from the crowd by adding some decorations to your store or restaurant. Think banners, balloons, and streamers in a window display or dotted across the shop floor. Jazzing the place up will ideally elevate your customer’s experience, while at the same time catching people’s eyes and drawing them through your doors.

Got a retail store? Try placing Father’s Day presents in a prime position where customers can easily find them, and doing something to make them pop from other stock. If you want to go one step further, you can add a dedicated ‘Father’s Day’ section in your store where people can get their gifts wrapped and discover any special promotions you’ve got going on.

3. Make it an event

A lot of people love celebrating special occasions by eating out. If you’ve got a hospitality business, Father’s Day is your chance to serve those wanting to spoil their dads with a special dining experience. To make the day unique, you could deliver a dedicated Father’s Day menu with dish names playing into the day. A set menu may ultimately help things run smoother as business will likely be busier and limiting your offering may help keep operations streamlined.

If you choose to dish up a Father’s Day menu, be sure to let people know via your website, email, socials, and in store, and open your bookings sooner rather than later.

4. Roll out the reservation red carpet

If you don’t usually take reservations, now is definitely the time to. That way, families can lock-in their table so when Father’s Day comes around they don’t have to worry about finding a seat while every other family is trying to do the same. Make sure to spread the word when reservations are open so people can plan in advance.

5. Check your supplies

As with any busy period, it’s important to ensure that you’re equipped to handle an influx of customers. It’s important to adapt your service to meet the anticipated demand, which might look like ordering additional stock or having more staff on the floor.

Keen to keep track of your Father’s Day transactions across various locations? The Tyro App will do the trick, allowing you to keep an eye on business from wherever you are.

6. Father’s Day deals

Father’s Day doesn’t happen every day, so lean in to it being a special occasion by offering special Father’s Day touches that mark the occasion as something special and give customers a reason to buy. Elevate your products and services in a way that makes sense for your business but, to give you some ideas, this could be free treats while customers browse, a complimentary beverage, or personalised gift tags or wrapping to go with a purchase. Don’t forget, it’s often the small details that make a day memorable.

7. Create a seamless payment experience with Tyro

As well as offering unique products and services for Father’s Day, you can also deliver a top-notch payments experience that will make the day extra memorable.

With Tyro EFTPOS integrated with a Point of Sale (POS), customers of hospitality businesses can easily pay how and where they want, with features such as Pay@Table and SplitBills1.

Offering your customers the flexibility to pay from wherever they are is a great way to elevate their Father’s Day dining experience. Tyro’s Pay@Table allows you to pull up the bill amount wirelessly through the Mobile EFTPOS machine instead of at the POS. All you have to do is print off the bill from your POS, give it to the customers, process the payment at the table, and generate a receipt, if they want one.

Making splitting bills simple is also crucial for Father’s Day, as there’ll likely be lots of families wanting to share the cost of the celebratory meal. Tyro EFTPOS’ SplitBills feature allows parties to chip in how they want to, with the added convenience of doing it from right where they’re sitting.


As a small business, it pays to put in some extra effort around festive periods to invite new and old customers into your business. Integrate these Father’s Day marketing ideas into your operations and you’ll be set for a special (and successful) business trading period.

Want to get Father’s Day ready with Tyro? Get in touch with us!


Tyro’s Pay@Table, SplitBills and BarTab features are only available where the POS/PMS supports the integration. SplitBills is only available with Tyro’s Pay@Table feature.