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17 March 2020 - 2 min read

Case Studies

How Tyro makes things simple for this beautiful bubble tea store

Bubble Nini offers delicious bubble tea served from its beautiful stores that are filled with flowers. Owner Lara Hung opened Bubble Nini’s first store nearly 2 years ago, with the aim of serving fresher and healthier versions of bubble tea. Everything on the menu at Bubble Nini is made with fresh pearls without preservatives.  

A customer favorite is ‘Honey I’m Home’; the gorgeous purple color comes from the combination of butterfly pea flower tea with fresh lemon and lime, aloe-vera jelly and chia seeds.  

When it comes to transporting your tea, Bubble Nini has a delightful solution that’s environmentally friendly: a fluffy cup holder complete with rabbit ears! 

We chatted with Lara about how Tyro makes running her business easier. That Tyro integrates with her Point of Sale System POSPal has made things really simple for her staff to process payments: “We press a button on our Point of Sale and it comes up straight away on the Tyro Machine. I don’t have to worry about my staff making any errors”. 

Lara also mentioned that the fast card payment processing times of Tyro really helped keep customers happy with swiftly moving queues: “It also works really quickly, and that really makes a difference. When we have a lot of customers in store looking to buy their bubble tea and go, we need something that’s fast and easy to use. Tyro just makes everything more convenient”.