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11 April 2022 - 6 min read

Business Strategies

Make this Easter long weekend count for your small business

The Easter long weekend is just around the corner, which means now is the perfect time to inject some seasonal spirit into your business and win the hearts of your customers.

Whether you’re prepared to put in a lot of effort, or a little, this article covers 9 tips for making the most of the Easter long weekend.

1. Run a competition

A simple way to get your customers into the Easter spirit, and draw them to the counter or online cart, is running an Easter-themed competition. Prizes up for grabs could be a hamper, gift card, or special discount. You can make one of the rules of entry that you have to make a purchase to be in the running (or sign up to your database), that way you win as well.

2. Keep customers in the loop

When it comes to Easter business trading, make sure you let your customers know about your special Easter offers by promoting them on your website, social media, and email marketing. Will you have an Easter-inspired menu? Will you be selling limited edition Easter products? Will you be running a special Easter event? If so, let them know. It’s also essential to inform your customers of any changes to opening hours, so they know when they can visit your business during the holiday period.

Remember that socials don’t have to be purely promotional; you can also use the platform to spread Easter cheer. This could look like wishing your customers a happy Easter and sharing creative Easter content that gets them excited for the sugary season.

3. Decorate

Beyond treats and special Easter offers, you can transform your retail or hospitality business into an Easter extravaganza with Easter-themed decor. This will not only help entice customers into your store or venue and boost sales, but help your staff get into the Easter spirit and boost morale.

4. Organise last-minute gift or food ideas

If you’ve got a retail store, making it easy for customers to buy last-minute gifts is a must for Easter business trading. You can ensure products you want to sell are easy to find by positioning them at the front of the store with Easter-themed gift displays that make them stand out. You could even set up a dedicated area of your store with gift-wrapping to encourage customers to buy with you this Easter.

Got a restaurant, café, or bar? Plating up some delicious specials or meal deals that celebrate Easter can be a major drawcard for customers looking to feast this festive season.

5. Get into the community spirit

With Easter often comes special community events. To get into the community spirit, you can ask neighbouring businesses about their plans and consider cross-promotion opportunities that dial up the festive feeling in the community. You can let people know about these special offers and events with flyers and online; this initiative can be particularly helpful for families looking for ways to keep their children entertained during the holidays.

6. Celebrate diversity in your community

Other cultural events occur around the Easter period including Greek Easter and Jewish Passover, so it’s important to make those who celebrate these feel included also.

Creating an inclusive experience for all your customers can go a long way in demonstrating customer centricity. You can show that you care with special signage, decorations, special offers, or respectful offerings themed to that occasion. Be sure to consult someone from that community before deciding on your approach, to make sure you go about it the right way.

7. Prepare for peak traffic

Easter is often a busy time for businesses, so make sure you plan ahead to make the most of this peak trading period. This might involve taking on extra staff to cover any increase in foot traffic or online orders, checking that your shelves are fully stocked, and that your visual merchandising is up to scratch. It’s also a good idea to double check that you have enough EFTPOS machine paper rolls and shopping bags, to ensure there’s plenty to go around.

8. Invest in good tech

Technology can help your business stay top of its trade game, even when things get busy. Luckily, Tyro’s got some good ones to support you this Easter (and beyond). 

Tyro EFTPOS: If you’ve got a steady stream of customers coming in over Easter, you’re going to want an EFTPOS machine that can process transactions fast. Offering sub 1.5 second transaction speeds, Tyro EFTPOS is a business companion that can keep queues moving.1

Tyro Bank Account: Want to settle your funds 7 days a week, including weekend and public holidays? With the Tyro Bank Account you can, at any time that suits you (between 8am and 5pm).2

9. Bring out the Easter treats

Easter is a perfect excuse to offer tasty treats to your customers. Think about handing out some chocolate, and, well, chocolate. If you own a retail store, you could place a bowl of Easter eggs at the sales counter; if you own a cafe or restaurant, you could pop an Easter egg on the side of coffee orders. This small gesture is sure to put a smile on your customers’ face!


As a small business, it’s always a good idea to make the most of festive periods to draw in new and old customers. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to a successful Easter business trading period.

Want to get Easter ready with Tyro? Get in touch with us!

1: Average time taken to authorise a payment transaction, from 1 March 2020 to 30 June 2020. Measured as the average time elapsed from a cardholder presenting the card on the EFTPOS machine to the return of the authorisation on the EFTPOS machine from the card schemes, covering approximately 95% of Tyro’s EFTPOS machine fleet in production.

2: Same day settlements are only available where settlement funds are deposited into a Tyro Bank Account. Available settlement times are from 8pm to 5am. Applies to Tyro settled funds only (including American Express and JCB with Tyro Direct Settlement agreement) – excludes Alipay, HealthPoint and funds settled directly by Afterpay, American Express, JCB, and Diners Club.