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6 May 2021 - 3 min read

Business Strategies

Monitoring Mother’s Day with a helpful Tyro tool

Ask any mum out there about Mother’s Day, and they’ll likely joke that it should be celebrated every day.

But it’s not. Instead, we celebrate mums on the second Sunday in May (yep, that’s this Sunday, folks), showering them with flowers, gifts and good times for all the hard work they do throughout the year. The good news for retailers, café owners and restauranteurs? It’s a great time to capitalise on the spike in spending.

If you’re keen to make the most of Mother’s Day, read on for some quick tips.

1. Push your most motherly gifts

Many mums would joke that all they want for Mother’s Day is some time out with a cuppa on the couch. But most would secretly love a little pampering, too. Go-to gifts include things like a scented candle for the bathroom. A gorgeous indoor plant to add a little greenery (a hardy one, of course). A deliciously moisturising hand cream or pampering hair treatment.

Of course, not all mums like this sort of stuff.

You might run an outdoor or camping store, or a hardware store or painting supplies shop. Think handy gadgets, tools for that next big project. Go beyond the cliches.

Whatever type of industry you’re in, just think “What would the mums want?”. Display your products prominently instore and online this week. You’ll not only be doing all the kids out there a favour by helping them find the perfect gift (including the grown-up kids), but you’ll hopefully do your business a favour, too.

2. Secure the Sunday lunch crowd

If you run a café or restaurant, then this Sunday is going to be a big one. A delicious Mother’s Day menu is a great way to pull in the crowds – be it for brunch, lunch, high tea or dinner. Get the message out on your socials, on your window or however else you reach your customers.

Consider, too, offering extra treats for all the mums who come through your door. A handmade chocolate; a petit four; a glass of bubbles.

3. Get helpful insights into sales

An event like Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to monitor and track sales. The easiest way to do this? Using the Tyro App (if you don’t have it yet, get it now for Android or iPhone).

For sales events, for example, you can see how your takings are performing. This includes tracking of daily takings; as well as viewing of individual transactions including amounts, card types and fees. And, once the dust has settled on the big day of trade, and if you settle into your Tyro Bank Account, you can select your daily settlement time between 8pm and 5am (Sydney time) and get your settlements 7 days a week.

Finally, enjoy the day

If you’re reading this and you’re a mum yourself, then we wish you a wonderful day on Sunday. May your day be full of delightful surprises – including a successful day or week of trade!

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