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22 August 2022 - 4 min read

Online Payments Education

Process payments with ease – Tyro Virtual Terminal

Getting paid is exciting but processing payments? Not so much. Tyro eCommerce Virtual Terminal is a web-based tool designed to make dealing with payments simpler (from wherever you are) so you can tackle this administrative task with ease.

Part of Tyro eCommerce1, Tyro eCommerce Virtual Terminal allows you to safely capture and store card data to take card not present payments, manage online payment refunds, and run authorisations, on the go. No matter how big your business is, and what your business offers, Tyro eCommerce Virtual Terminal can make your money admin more efficient. Read on to discover the unique features that make it such an impressive tool.

Key features of Tyro eCommerce Virtual Terminal
1. Use it anywhere, anytime

Business doesn’t have to stop when you leave your store. Thanks to Tyro eCommerce Virtual Terminal, you can keep doing business from wherever you are – processing tokenised customer transactions in real time, safely and securely from your desktop, tablet or mobile.

Specifically, you can use Tyro eCommerce Virtual Terminal to:

  • approve and decline card not present payments in seconds
  • automatically send branded receipts once payments are made
  • manage refunds to keep your customers satisfied
  • run authorisations for future payments, all in an instant
2. Save details for later

Time is precious, so don’t waste it re-entering customer details every time they make a purchase. With Tyro eCommerce Virtual Terminal, you can save customer details for future, allowing you to get back to other business activities sooner.

Once you’ve securely stored customer data in the Tyro eCommerce Portal, you can also have peace of mind that the right details are locked in and payments will process properly, every time (no need to worry about any human errors such as inputting the wrong number).

3. Access invaluable insights

In the Tyro eCommerce Portal, where the Virtual Terminal lives, you can also search, track, and manage the payment histories of existing customers. This info not only means you can keep an eye on who is (and isn’t) paying on time but it can also inform future marketing efforts, to really wow your customers with a personalised shopping experience.

Similarly, you can use payment histories to get a gauge of what products are hot or not, and adjust your offering accordingly to make the most of your customers’ appetite.

4. Cue the customisation

Say goodbye to the days of sending boring receipts by livening yours up with your brand colours (and logo) in the Tyro eCommerce Virtual Terminal. Adding your personal touch to your receipts will not only make it easy for your customers to identify who it’s from but also show that you’re serious about what you do and put care into every corner of your business.

You can also let customers pay how they want, with either Visa, Mastercard®, American Express, or JCB. Accepting all sorts of debit card and credit card payments in the Virtual Terminal ultimately increases the likelihood of customers buying from you, as they can shop how they want (which is always a bonus).

5. Same-day settlement

Thanks to the Tyro eCommerce Virtual Terminal, you can get funds into your Tyro Bank Account fast (we’re talking same-day fast) and access your capital as soon as possible. You can get payments into your Tyro Bank Account 7 days a week at any time you choose, between 8am and 5pm.2


Tyro eCommerce Virtual Terminal is all about letting you process payments easily from wherever you are, so you can stay on top of your business even when you’re not at your store. If you’re looking to take your payment processing up a notch, consider investing in the Tyro Virtual Terminal.

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