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12 February 2020 - 2 min read

Case Studies

Sydney florist Rose & Co loves that Tyro makes running their business easier

We spoke to Tyro merchant Claire, Operations Manager of Rose & Co, about the lead up to Valentine’s Day for a Florist, and how Tyro helps make things easier running her business.  

Rose & Co offer a variety of beautiful flowers, and while they have plenty of pre-made bouquets available in store, most people like to pick their own assortment of flowers with the help of the florists. Roses are undisputedly the number one best seller, and the inspiration for the business name. 

Claire is an active user of several Tyro products, all of which she finds very helpful in running Rose & Co. With multiple locations, Clare uses the Tyro app to track transactions across the business: “Because I’m running five locations, I can see how they are all performing easily with the app.” 

She also uses the Tyro Bank Account frequently: “It’s very convenient for me because I have it integrated with Xero. Once I’ve done the payroll, I can just push a button and it’s all done through the account”  

The Rose & Co team are in the middle of their busiest time of year. But while they are well prepared for Valentine’s Day this Friday, they find not everyone buying flowers for their loved ones always are: “Last Valentine’s Day we were open at 9PM and people were still coming for flowers, we even had several people come in the morning of the 15th for a Valentine’s Day gift!” 

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